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Bug 25030: Update release process document

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......@@ -4,98 +4,74 @@
#. Tag any relevant component versions.
# Depends on which components have been updated
# If this is a firefox version update, you must rebase the patches, and
# then:
vim browser/config/version.txt config/milestone.txt
git commit browser/config/version.txt config/milestone.txt -m "Bug 10895: Fix versioning for langpacks."
# git tag and push..
#. Update changelog, updater relevant config and versions file in
# tor-browser-bundle:
cd gitian/tor-browser-bundle
vim Bundle-Data/Docs/ChangeLog.txt
vim tools/update-responses/config.yml
# No need to bother with old .xml and .htaccess files
rm tools/update-resonses/htdocs/$TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL/*
cd gitian
vim versions*
git commmit ..
git diff --color HEAD^1
cd ../..
#. Tag a build tag in tor-browser-bundle.git
git tag -s tbb-$TORBROWSER_VERSION-build1
#. Check that the build is correctly tagged
eval $( ./get-tb-version release ) # or alpha / beta
echo 'You must still set $OLD_TORBROWSER_VERSION'
#. Push tag and version to tor-browser-bundle.git
#. Update changelog and relevant config files in tor-browser-build.
cd tor-browser-build
vim projects/firefox/config
vim ChangeLog.txt
vim rbm.conf
#. Tag a build tag in tor-browser-build.
make signtag-release # or `make signtag-alpha` for an alpha build
#. Push tag and version to tor-browser-build.git. In case of doing a stable
# release with a maintenance branch use that one instead of `master`.
torsocks git push origin master:master
torsocks git push origin --tags
#. Build:
make sign
make match
#. Place all build signatures in the correct location and fix permissions
source versions
for i in gk linus mikeperry boklm
if [ -d ${TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR}/$i ]; then
if [ -f ${TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR}/${i}/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt.asc ]; then
cp ${TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR}/$i/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt.asc ${TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR}/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt-${i}.asc
if [ -f ${TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR}/${i}/sha256sums-unsigned-build.incrementals.txt.asc ]; then
cp ${TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR}/$i/sha256sums-unsigned-build.incrementals.txt.asc ${TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR}/sha256sums-unsigned-build.incrementals.txt-${i}.asc
#. Build and generate incremental MAR files.
make && make incrementals-release # `make alpha && make incrementals-alpha`
#. Compare the SHA256 sums of the bundles and MAR files with an independent
# builder.
sha256sum tor-browser-build/release/unsigned/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/sha256sums-unsigned-build.txt
sha256sum tor-browser-build/release/unsigned/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/sha256sums-unsigned-build.incrementals.txt
#. If the sums match (download and) upload the bundles to your build dir on
# people.torproject.org. Fix permissions.
chmod 644 $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/.htaccess
torsocks ssh people.torproject.org "mkdir ~/public_html/builds/${TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR}"
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/ people.torproject.org:public_html/builds/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR
#. (Optional): Upload your binaries to people using partial rsync over old version
torsocks ssh people.torproject.org "mv ~/public_html/builds/${TORBROWSER_VERSION}-build1 ~/public_html/builds/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR"
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/ people.torproject.org:public_html/builds/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR
#. Distribute build to tor-qa@lists.torproject.org
#XXX: Currently manual
# For stable releases put tails-dev@boum.org into Cc
# XXX: Currently manual email with link to candidate build, important changes,
# and changelog.
# For stable releases put tails-dev@boum.org into Cc.
#. Code Sign the OS X dmg files:
#. Codesign the macOS dmg files.
torsocks ssh mac-signer "mkdir $TORBROWSER_VERSION"
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/*.dmg mac-signer:$TORBROWSER_VERSION/
torsocks ssh mac-signer
# Unlock the keychain and then...
# Sign the bundles
# Sign the bundles.
../gatekeeper-signing.sh $TORBROWSER_VERSION
# Check that it worked
# Check that it worked.
tar xf torbrowser-$TORBROWSER_VERSION-osx_zh-CN-signed.tar.bz2
spctl -a -t exec -vv TorBrowser.app/
rm -rf TorBrowser.app
torsocks rsync -avP mac-signer:$TORBROWSER_VERSION/*.bz2 .
#. Regenerate OS X MAR files from code signed dmg files
#. Regenerate macOS MAR files from code signed dmg files.
# XXX Go to your directory prepared for recreating the .dmg files and containing
# the uploaded .bz2 files
# the uploaded .bz2 files.
./gatekeeper-bundling.sh $TORBROWSER_VERSION
rsync -avP *.dmg $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/
cd tor-browser-build
# The code signed dmg files should be in the $TORBROWSER_VERSION directory
# Install a recent p7zip version (see ../tools/dmg2mar for instructions)
make dmg2mars # or dmg2mars-alpha
make dmg2mar-release # or `make dmg2mar-alpha`
#. Sign the MAR update files
# First, copy the torbrowser tree to the signing machine:
#. Sign the MAR files
# First, copy the tor-browser-bundle tree to the signing machine. XXX: This
# still uses part of the old Gitian related infrastructure.
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/../../../ signing-machine
torsocks ssh signing-machine "mkdir tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION"
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/*.mar signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/
......@@ -110,7 +86,7 @@
torsocks rsync -avP signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/*.mar $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/
#. Sign individual bundle files:
#. Sign individual bundle files.
# Authenticode signing first
torsocks ssh windows-signing-machine "mkdir tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION"
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/*.exe windows-signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/
......@@ -123,7 +99,8 @@
export OSSLSIGNCODE=/path/to/osslsigncode
# Hashes of the signed bundles
# All the GPG signatures at last
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/* signing-machine:tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION/
cd tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION
......@@ -135,18 +112,7 @@
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR/ people.torproject.org:public_html/builds/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR
torsocks ssh people.torproject.org "mv public_html/$TORBROWSER_BUILDDIR public_html/$TORBROWSER_VERSION"
#. Clear out old builds, transfer builds to staticiforme
#. Remote:
# We must use $TORBROWSER_VERSION here because signed result dirs should omit the build number suffix
rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_VERSION staticiforme.torproject.org:/srv/dist-master.torproject.org/htdocs/torbrowser/
ssh staticiforme.torproject.org "chmod g+w,o+r -R /srv/dist-master.torproject.org/htdocs/torbrowser/*"
ssh staticiforme.torproject.org "chown -R :torwww /srv/dist-master.torproject.org/htdocs/torbrowser/"
ssh staticiforme.torproject.org "cd /srv/dist-master.torproject.org/htdocs/torbrowser/$TORBROWSER_VERSION ; for i in *.asc; do echo $i ; gpg -q $i || break; done"
ssh staticiforme.torproject.org "static-update-component dist.torproject.org"
#. Local to staticiforme:
cd ~/tbb-builds/tor-browser-bundle/gitian
git pull origin
eval $( ./get-tb-version release ) # or alpha / beta
#. Transfer builds to staticiforme
# We must use $TORBROWSER_VERSION here because signed result dirs should omit the build number suffix
wget -nH --cut-dirs=2 -r -l 1 https://people.torproject.org/~gk/builds/$TORBROWSER_VERSION
rm $TORBROWSER_VERSION/index.html*
......@@ -170,19 +136,19 @@
static-update-component cdn.torproject.org
#. Make sure we really built from the proper Mozilla build tag by consulting
# the respective ESR release branch (for a good overview for ESR38 see
# https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-esr38/graph/).
# the respective ESR release branch (for a good overview for ESR60 see
# https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-esr60/graph/).
#. Update website's torbrowser versions file in the website git
cd webwml
torsocks git pull origin
# Update `version-win32-stable` as well if we include a new stable tor
# version. See: #14152.
# Update the release data (via releasedate-torbrowserbundle*). See: #8968.
# Update the release date (via releasedate-torbrowserbundle*). See: #8968.
# In the RecommendedTBBVersions file, only add the new version. Don't
# remove the old one yet. That comes later.
vim ./include/versions.wmi ./projects/torbrowser/RecommendedTBBVersions
git commit include/versions.wmi projects/torbrowser/RecommendedTBBVersions -m "Add new TBB version"
git commit include/versions.wmi projects/torbrowser/RecommendedTBBVersions -m "Add new Tor Browser version"
torsocks git push origin master:master
cd ..
......@@ -194,21 +160,22 @@
#. Check whether the MAR files got properly signed
# Point SIGNMAR to your signmar binary
# Point LD_LIBRARY_PATH to your mar-tools directory
cd tor-browser-bundle/gitian/$TORBROWSER_VERSION
cd tor-browser-build/$TORBROWSER_VERSION
cd ..
#. Update and upload new update responses for the updater
# IMPORTANT: Copy the signed MAR files back before creating the update
# responses!
make update_responses # (or update_responses-alpha, update_responses-beta)
cd ../tools/update-responses
export TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL=release # or alpha / beta
chmod 664 htdocs/${TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL}/*
chmod 664 htdocs/${TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL}/.htaccess
chmod 775 htdocs/${TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL}/
export TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL=release # or alpha / nightly
make update_responses-$TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL
cd $TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL/update-responses
chmod 664 ${TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL}/.htaccess
torsocks ssh staticiforme.torproject.org "rm -rf /srv/aus1-master.torproject.org/htdocs/torbrowser/update_3/${TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL}/*"
torsocks rsync -avP htdocs/$TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL staticiforme.torproject.org:/srv/aus1-master.torproject.org/htdocs/torbrowser/update_3/
torsocks rsync -avP $TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL staticiforme.torproject.org:/srv/aus1-master.torproject.org/htdocs/torbrowser/update_3/
torsocks ssh staticiforme.torproject.org "chown -R :torwww /srv/aus1-master.torproject.org/htdocs/torbrowser/update_3/${TORBROWSER_UPDATE_CHANNEL}/*"
torsocks ssh staticiforme.torproject.org "static-update-component aus1.torproject.org"
# Finally, remove old version as we point the update channel at the new version.
......@@ -228,7 +195,6 @@
torsocks git pull origin
# Now it's time to remove the obsolete version(s)
vim ./projects/torbrowser/RecommendedTBBVersions
git commit projects/torbrowser/RecommendedTBBVersions -m "Deprecate old TBB version"
git commit projects/torbrowser/RecommendedTBBVersions -m "Deprecate old Tor Browser version"
torsocks git push origin master:master
cd ..
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