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Bug 40006: Add Fenix83 net audit

parent c13d3773
`git diff da52a0a45d57d5cb6fb6eb399e7fc112bf4c9c95 1cb2c4893850a5b0a246f821a6390c07064c1227`
and then go over all the changes containing the
above mentioned potentially dangerous calls and features. Grep the diff for
the following strings and examine surrounding usage.
=============== Native DNS Portion =============
PR_StringToNetAddr (itself is good as it passes AI_NUMERICHOST to getaddrinfo. No resolution.)
# New DNS pref: network.dns.dns_query_single_label
# tor-browser#issues/40230
# FF83: Nothing new
TRR (DNS Trusted Recursive Resolver)
# FF83: trr moved to static prefs
Direct Paths to DNS resolution:
# FF83: eDontResolveRedirection - kernel things
# FF83: ResolveHost, asyncResolve - Adding IP hint support (1652670)
============ Misc Socket Portion ==============
# FF83: Bug 1664900 - P5 - mv peerconnection to jsapi
# FF83: Bug 1650145 - Replace all value uses of Empty[C]String by 0-length _ns literals
Misc PR_Socket
# FF83: Zero new instances of PR_Socket
=========== Misc XPCOM Portion ================
Misc XPCOM (including commands for pre-diff review approach)
grep -R udp-socket .
grep -R tcp-socket .
grep for tcpsocket
grep -R "NS_" | grep SOCKET | grep "_C"
grep -R "" . | grep socket | grep -v udp-socket
# FF83: Zero instances outside of tests and moved code
============ Rust Portion ================
- XXX: What do we grep for here? Or do we rely on Ritter's compile-time tool?
- Check for new sendmsg and recvmsg usage
# FF83: Zero new instances of sendmsg/recvmsg/connect outside of neqo
============ Android Portion =============
Android Java calls
- URLConnection
- XXX: getInputStream? other methods?
- HttpURLConnection
- UrlConnectionDownloader
- ch.boye.httpclientandroidlib.impl.client.* (look for execute() calls)
- grep -n openConnection\( mobile/android/thirdparty/
- -- has SEVERAL proxy bypass URL fetching methods :/
- ch.boye.httpclientandroidlib.conn.* (esp ssl)
- ch.boye.httpclientandroidlib.impl.conn.* (esp ssl)
- Sudden appearance of thirdparty libs:
- OkHttp
- Retrofit
- Glide
- IntentHelper
- openUriExternal (can come from GeckoAppShell too)
- getHandlersForMimeType
- getHandlersForURL
- getHandlersForIntent
- android.content.Intent - too common; instead find launch methods:
- startActivity
- startActivities
- sendBroadcast
- sendOrderedBroadcast
- startService
- bindService
- ActivityHandlerHelper.startIntentAndCatch
# FF83: Only Google SafeBrowsing
============ Application Services Portion =============
(Same as FF82)
============ Android Components Portion =============
Start: 0a93a5ecd39e5a7f80e453a0d1a863057465aca0 # v60.0.3
End: 0a2993d44aae3d877bb97cee925096f83af01b3a # v63.0.8
Zero new usage found of known proxy-bypass APIs (using ``)
============ Fenix Portion =============
Start: 998b62866dee35929ca0d81641df101c83ac1224 # v82.0.0-beta.4
End: 5441935698f4d9e3606f3d6baf892f6e0106a2f6 # v83.1.0-rc.1
Zero new usage found of known proxy-bypass APIs (using ``)
============ Regression/Prior Vuln Review =========
Review proxy bypass bugs; check for new vectors to look for:
- Look for new features like these. Especially external app launch vectors
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