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Bug 40001: Add rebasing process document

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Rebasing Tor Browser patches on top of a new Firefox version
These instructions assume branches of Tor Browser code are maintained with git,
and consist of a sequence of patches (commits) applied on top of some commit
from the mirror of the Mercurial
Gecko repositories.
1) Rebase
This consists of applying the Tor Browser patches (commits) from some branch on
top of a newer Firefox branch, and fixing up possible conflicts. There should be
a helper script that automates as much of this process as possible:
- Move to the branch that contains the patches to be rebased and create a new
one, since it will be modified during the rebasing process:
`git checkout [current_tor_browser_branch] -b [new_rebased_branch_name]`
- Execute the rebase helper script: `./git-tbrebase [target_firefox_branch]`.
Responsibilities of the script:
- Get the list of Tor Browser patches from `current_tor_browser_branch`.
- Check whether some of the patches are already in `target_firefox_branch`
(e.g. backports) and mark them to be skipped in that case.
- Move to `target_firefox_branch` (e.g.
`git reset --hard [target_firefox_branch]`) and apply patches.
- Keep a log of all the process in a way that it can be used as a "rebase
report" for the reviewer.
- This should include, among other things, the time needed for resolving
patch conflicts.
- For each conflict, show the bugzilla tickets responsible for it, based on
`git blame` on the conflicting lines.
- After resolving a patch conflict, ask the rebaser whether comments need to
be added, and make sure these are included in the "rebase report".
- If there are patches that require manual steps when rebasing (e.g. copying
nightly branding folder to alpha, etc.), stop and warn about it.
- There could be instructions encoded in the commit message using some
- Or maybe run some script automatically, similarly to git hooks.
- In case of conflict:
- Resolve manually.
- Check whether the commit message needs to be changed due to the conflict
resolution (e.g. a partially uplifted patch), and do so if needed.
- Run `./git-tbrebase --continue` to continue with the process (or `--skip` or
`--abort`, similarly to `git rebase`).
2) Build
Ideally, we should do a full tor-browser-build here. But:
- These can take quite long, and are not incremental.
- The `tor-browser-build` toolchains might need changes for newer Firefox
At this stage, it should be fine to do a local build and use a `repackage_tb`
script which takes the latest linux64 Tor Browser build and repackages it with
the locally built Tor Browser from `obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu`.
- Copy `tor-launcher` master to `browser/extensions`.
- Make sure `torbutton` submodule is correctly loaded:
`git submodule update --init`
- Edit `.mozconfig` to set
- `ac_add_options --enable-tests`
- `ac_add_options --enable-debug`
- `ac_add_options --enable-tor-launcher`
- `ac_add_options --enable-tor-browser-update`
- Optionally, add
`ac_add_options --with-ccache=/home/user/.mozbuild/sccache/sccache` to use
`sccache` for speeding up subsequent builds.
- `./mach build && ./mach package`
- `./repackage_tb`
At the end, there should be a `tor-browser-linux64-version_en-US.tar.xz`
artifact, which is the repackaged Tor Browser.
3) Manual testing
This should ideally not be needed, but until everything is covered by automated
testing we can do a quick manual test to catch the most obvious breakage:
- Launch the repackaged browser and check:
- Tor is launched correctly.
- `about:tor` is displayed with no errors
- `about:preferences` is not broken.
- It's possible to navigate to some website (e.g. duckduckgo search)
- The circuit display is working and displayed correctly.
4) Automated testing
There should be a single script that runs all tests, but for now let's
list the individual commands:
- `./run-tbb-tests` should run the Tor Browser unit tests locally.
`./tor-browser-bundle-testsuite/tbb-testsuite --no-xdummy tor-browser-linux64-version_en-US.tar.xz`
should run the Tor Browser testsuite.
- `./mach lint` should check for linting errors.
5) Debug/Fix
For each issue found while running tests, debug and/or fix it, then iterate 2-5
until no more test failures are found.
For fixing up a commit, a script `./git-tbedit [commit]` should be used, so that
the time spent editing the patch is tracked and included in the rebase report.
6) Push for review
In the ticket for the rebase work, the rebaser should add a reference to the
rebased branch that has to be reviewed, and a rebase report, which should
contain, for every Tor Browser commit in the original branch:
(optional) Total time editing commit:
(optional) Comments:
Some comments relevant for the reviewer.
(optional) Conflicts:
List of conflicting files.
- Picking Tor Browser patches and changes that landed after the rebase started.
The rebasing and reviewing process can last long enough for newer patches and
changes to have landed after the process started.
Doing a full rebase with a later tor-browser branch would be too costly, so we
need to identify the changes that landed between the branch that was originally
rebased and the newer Tor Browser branch and only apply those.
Until this is properly automated, a suggested manual approach is to do:
`git range-diff original_starting_commit~1..original_ending_commit new_starting_commit~1..new_ending_commit`,
so basically doing a range-diff between the original set of patches that were
rebased, and a more up-to-date set of patches. Then, we should manually be able
to pick the missing changes, as fixup or squash commits.
- Reordering/squashing patches
We should not mix rebasing changes + fixing conflicts with patch reordering and
squashing. More concretely, it should be possible to check with
`git diff original_tb_branch..reordered_and_squashed_tb_branch` that the
reordered branch contents are equivalent to the previous branch.
- Double-checking that no patch was accidentally lost in the process
While this should not be possible if most of the process is properly automated,
it should not be very costly to double-check it. For this, there could be a
script that compares the current rebased branch with the latest tor-browser
branch, and shows the differences (comparing the set of commit messages).
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