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    Bug 23247: Communicating security expectations for .onion · 3b0641f3
    richard authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
    Encrypting pages hosted on Onion Services with SSL/TLS is redundant
    (in terms of hiding content) as all traffic within the Tor network is
    already fully encrypted.  Therefore, serving HTTP pages from an Onion
    Service is more or less fine.
    Prior to this patch, Tor Browser would mostly treat pages delivered
    via Onion Services as well as pages delivered in the ordinary fashion
    over the internet in the same way.  This created some inconsistencies
    in behaviour and misinformation presented to the user relating to the
    security of pages delivered via Onion Services:
     - HTTP Onion Service pages did not have any 'lock' icon indicating
       the site was secure
     - HTTP Onion Service pages would be marked as unencrypted in the Page
       Info screen
     - Mixed-mode content restrictions did not apply to HTTP Onion Service
       pages embedding Non-Onion HTTP content
    This patch fixes the above issues, and also adds several new 'Onion'
    icons to the mix to indicate all of the various permutations of Onion
    Services hosted HTTP or HTTPS pages with HTTP or HTTPS content.
    Strings for Onion Service Page Info page are pulled from Torbutton's
    localization strings.