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    Bug 25658: Replace security slider with security level UI · 41d94592
    Richard Pospesel authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
    This patch adds a new 'securitylevel' component to Tor Browser intended
    to replace the torbutton 'Security Slider'.
    This component adds a new Security Level toolbar button which visually
    indicates the current global security level via icon (as defined by the
    extensions.torbutton.security_slider pref), a drop-down hanger with a
    short description of the current security level, and a new section in
    the about:preferences#privacy page where users can change their current
    security level. In addition, the hanger and the preferences page will
    show a visual warning when the user has modified prefs associated with
    the security level and provide a one-click 'Restore Defaults' button to
    get the user back on recommended settings.
    Strings used by this patch are pulled from the torbutton extension, but
    en-US defaults are provided if there is an error loading from the
    extension. With this patch applied, the usual work-flow of "./mach build
    && ./mach run" work as expected, even if the torbutton extension is