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    Bug 1536471 - Consolidate calls to nsISHEntry::GetChildAt in... · b0a8f8d7
    Anny Gakhokidze authored
    Bug 1536471 - Consolidate calls to nsISHEntry::GetChildAt in nsDocShell::AddToSessionHistory by adding nsSHEntry::ClearEntry method, r=peterv, r=nika for adding sync IPC messages
    Currently, nsDocShell repeatedly calls nsISHEntry::GetChildAt and
    nsISHEntry::RemoveChild  in nsDocShell::AddToSessionHistory,
    which results in twice as many IPC calls as the number of children
    a session history entry has. Additionally, there is one extra
    IPC sync call to nsISHEntry::AbandonBFCacheEntry after the loop.
    With the proposed solution, there will only be 1 sync IPC call.
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D24978
    extra : rebase_source : ab98af417bcb28fdfcb1a115473b505fa8a70aa1
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