Commit 09cfe6db authored by Alex Catarineu's avatar Alex Catarineu
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Bug 13543: Spoof smooth and powerEfficient for Media Capabilities

parent a8866b1a
......@@ -288,6 +288,11 @@ already_AddRefed<Promise> MediaCapabilities::DecodingInfo(
if (aValue.IsReject()) {
p = CapabilitiesPromise::CreateAndReject(
std::move(aValue.RejectValue()), __func__);
} else if (nsContentUtils::
ShouldResistFingerprinting()) {
p = CapabilitiesPromise::CreateAndResolve(
MediaCapabilitiesInfo(true, true, false),
} else {
if (StaticPrefs::media_mediacapabilities_from_database()) {
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