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fix bug 79680

r/sr = kin
add bidi additional string
should not impact the build
parent 431b63f1
......@@ -63,6 +63,30 @@
<!ENTITY translateMenu.label "Translate">
<!ENTITY translateMenu.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY translate.commandKey "t">
<!ENTITY bidiMenu.label "Bidi Options">
<!ENTITY directionBidiMenu.label "Default Direction">
<!ENTITY directionRTLBidiCmd.label "Right to Left">
<!ENTITY directionLTRBidiCmd.label "Left to Right">
<!ENTITY texttypeBidiMenu.label "Text Type">
<!ENTITY charsettexttypeBidiCmd.label "Based on Character Set">
<!ENTITY logicaltexttypeBidiCmd.label "Logical">
<!ENTITY visualtexttypeBidiCmd.label "Visual">
<!ENTITY numeralBidiMenu.label "Numeral Shape">
<!ENTITY regularcontextnumeralBidiCmd.label "Contextual">
<!ENTITY hindicontextnumeralBidiCmd.label "Hindi Numerals on RTL Document Direction">
<!ENTITY arabicnumeralBidiCmd.label "Arabic">
<!ENTITY hindinumeralBidiCmd.label "Hindi">
<!ENTITY controlstextmodeBidiMenu.label "Text Mode in Controls">
<!ENTITY logicalcontrolstextmodeBidiCmd.label "Logical">
<!ENTITY visiualcontrolstextmodeBidiCmd.label "Visual">
<!ENTITY containercontrolstextmodeBidiCmd.label "Like Containing Document">
<!ENTITY clipboardtextmodeBidiMenu.label "Text Mode in clipboard">
<!ENTITY logicalclipboardtextmodeBidiCmd.label "Logical">
<!ENTITY visiualclipboardtextmodeBidiCmd.label "Visual">
<!ENTITY sourceclipboardtextmodeBidiCmd.label "As Source">
<!ENTITY charactersetBidiMenu.label "Character set">
<!ENTITY doccharactersetBidiCmd.label "Use the document specified character set">
<!ENTITY defaultcharactersetBidiCmd.label "Use my default character set, overriding the document-specified character set">
<!ENTITY webContentMenu.label "Languages and Web Content">
<!ENTITY webContentMenu.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY downloadMore.label "Download More">
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