Commit 27e71be8 authored by Wes Kocher's avatar Wes Kocher
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Bug 1361150 - Fix up browser/components/ metadata r=gps

The safebrowsing files are defined in two different places with differing levels of greediness, and with different bugzilla components defined (one of which doesn't even exist any longer). Additionally, controlcenter files are defined down in a completely different section of the file, making it easy to not see it when making changes to the file.

MozReview-Commit-ID: HUr86lUmH4R

extra : rebase_source : 2cc10de0c4d46efde210072789d0aaf9989e417e
parent 4cbcec21
......@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@ with Files("tests/unit/test_distribution.js"):
with Files("safebrowsing/**"):
BUG_COMPONENT = ("Toolkit", "Safe Browsing")
with Files('controlcenter/**'):
BUG_COMPONENT = ('Firefox', 'General')
DIRS += [
......@@ -77,9 +80,3 @@ BROWSER_CHROME_MANIFESTS += [
with Files('safebrowsing/*'):
BUG_COMPONENT = ('Toolkit', 'Phishing Protection')
with Files('controlcenter/**'):
BUG_COMPONENT = ('Firefox', 'General')
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