Commit 2f1a3dd4 authored by Bogdan Tara's avatar Bogdan Tara
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Backed out changeset 2b47950ed3a1 (bug 1640105) for websocket related mochitest failures a=backout

parent 57267b39
......@@ -55,8 +55,6 @@ treeherder:
'M-gli': 'Mochitests with WebGL over IPC'
'M-spi': 'Mochitests with socket process'
'M-spi-1proc': 'Mochitests with socket process without e10s'
'M-spi-nw': 'Mochitests with networking on socket process'
'M-spi-nw-1proc': 'Mochitests with networking on socket process without e10s'
'M-V-1proc': 'Mochitests on Valgrind without e10s'
'MSI': 'Repack installers into MSIs'
'MSIs': 'Signing of Repacked installers of MSIs'
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ job-defaults:
default: null
linux.*64/debug: ['fission', 'socketprocess_networking']
linux.*64/debug: ['fission']
default: ['fission']
run-on-projects: built-projects
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