Commit 3977591a authored by Mike Perry's avatar Mike Perry Committed by Alex Catarineu
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Bug 3547: Block all plugins.

We cannot use the;1 service, because we
actually want to stop plugins from ever entering the browser's process space
and/or executing code (for example, AV plugins that collect statistics/analyse
urls, magical toolbars that phone home or "help" the user, skype buttons that
ruin our day, and censorship filters). Hence we rolled our own.

See for musings
on a better way. Until then, it is delta-darwinism for us.
parent 23d3d071
......@@ -478,6 +478,9 @@ nsresult PluginFinder::ScanPluginsDirectory(nsIFile* pluginsDir,
*aPluginsChanged = false;
// Block all plugins
return NS_OK;
nsAutoCString dirPath;
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