Commit 407f9682 authored by Alex Catarineu's avatar Alex Catarineu
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fixup! Bug 31740: Remove some unnecessary RemoteSettings instances

parent 7b9d33cf
......@@ -8,9 +8,14 @@ with Files('**'):
BUG_COMPONENT = ('Toolkit', 'Blocklist Implementation')
# The addons blocklist is also in mobile/android/installer/
FINAL_TARGET_FILES.defaults.settings.blocklists += ['addons.json',
FINAL_TARGET_FILES.defaults.settings.blocklists += ['addons-bloomfilters.json',
FINAL_TARGET_FILES.defaults.settings.blocklists['addons-bloomfilters'] += [
if CONFIG['MOZ_BUILD_APP'] == 'browser':
DIST_SUBDIR = 'browser'
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