Commit 45bb9d2e authored by Alex Catarineu's avatar Alex Catarineu Committed by Matthew Finkel
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Bug 40199: Avoid using system locale for intl.accept_languages in GeckoView

parent 189133d8
......@@ -778,19 +778,25 @@ public final class GeckoRuntimeSettings extends RuntimeSettings {
private String computeAcceptLanguages() {
final ArrayList<String> locales = new ArrayList<String>();
// Explicitly-set app prefs come first:
if (mRequestedLocales != null) {
for (final String locale : mRequestedLocales) {
// In Desktop, these are defined in the `intl.accept_languages` localized property.
// At some point we should probably use the same values here, but for now we use a simple
// strategy which will hopefully result in reasonable acceptLanguage values.
if (mRequestedLocales != null && mRequestedLocales.length > 0) {
String locale = mRequestedLocales[0].toLowerCase(Locale.ROOT);
// No need to include `en-us` twice.
if (!locale.equals("en-us")) {
if (locale.contains("-")) {
String lang = locale.split("-")[0];
// No need to include `en` twice.
if (!lang.equals("en")) {
// OS prefs come second:
for (final String locale : getDefaultLocales()) {
final String localeLowerCase = locale.toLowerCase(Locale.ROOT);
if (!locales.contains(localeLowerCase)) {
return TextUtils.join(",", locales);
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