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Bug 1707815 - Block partial present on all Mali-Txxx devices. r=nical a=RyanVM

In bug 1680087 we disabled webrender's partial present feature on
Mali-T6xx and T7xx devices due to rendering issues caused by a buggy
implementation in the driver. We have now seen reports of the same
issue on a Mali-T8xx device.

This patch expands the block to include all Mali-Txxx devices. As a
follow up we should make this dependent on the driver version, so
that users with working drivers can take advantage of the feature.

Differential Revision:
parent 4497144d
......@@ -417,10 +417,9 @@ void gfxConfigManager::ConfigureWebRender() {
nsString adapter;
// Block partial present on some devices due to rendering issues.
// On Mali-T6xx and T7xx GPUs due to bug 1680087.
// On Mali-Txxx due to bug 1680087 and bug 1707815.
// On Adreno 3xx GPUs due to bug 1695771.
if (adapter.Find("Mali-T6", /*ignoreCase*/ true) >= 0 ||
adapter.Find("Mali-T7", /*ignoreCase*/ true) >= 0 ||
if (adapter.Find("Mali-T", /*ignoreCase*/ true) >= 0 ||
adapter.Find("Adreno (TM) 3", /*ignoreCase*/ true) >= 0) {
FeatureStatus::Blocked, "Partial present blocked",
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