Commit 5059e1f7 authored by Mozilla Releng Treescript's avatar Mozilla Releng Treescript
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No bug - Tagging 7b73c14202a39e440f8eddd9b48ecf17b7b59eee with...

No bug - Tagging 7b73c14202a39e440f8eddd9b48ecf17b7b59eee with FIREFOX_87_0_BUILD2 a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
parent c44ed8e9
......@@ -2904,3 +2904,4 @@ acbb26b68dbdced5206080cf0cce8c3fe156a286 FIREFOX_87_0b7_RELEASE
557bab6160978a71e90c226c4750db67affe470e FIREFOX_RELEASE_87_BASE
3015dca9a86d64a61a7ffc96e0ad609f3da79f83 FIREFOX_RELEASE_86_END
7b73c14202a39e440f8eddd9b48ecf17b7b59eee FIREFOX_87_0_BUILD1
7b73c14202a39e440f8eddd9b48ecf17b7b59eee FIREFOX_87_0_BUILD2
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