Commit 5949ce84 authored by Mozilla Releng Treescript's avatar Mozilla Releng Treescript
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No bug - Tagging c142ca0065bd39146dcefbcb5f7da635a02e59bf with...

No bug - Tagging c142ca0065bd39146dcefbcb5f7da635a02e59bf with FIREFOX_78_0b2_BUILD1 a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
parent 9da8c3fa
......@@ -2049,3 +2049,4 @@ e1817bb096222397ad7741814790ab29f6e4cec9 FIREFOX_78_0b1_BUILD1
e1817bb096222397ad7741814790ab29f6e4cec9 DEVEDITION_78_0b1_BUILD1
e1817bb096222397ad7741814790ab29f6e4cec9 FIREFOX_78_0b1_RELEASE
e1817bb096222397ad7741814790ab29f6e4cec9 DEVEDITION_78_0b1_RELEASE
c142ca0065bd39146dcefbcb5f7da635a02e59bf FIREFOX_78_0b2_BUILD1
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