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Bug 1519621 - Make sure ScrollToRestoredPosition() restores both the layout...

Bug 1519621 - Make sure ScrollToRestoredPosition() restores both the layout and visual scroll positions. r=tnikkel

Differential Revision:

extra : moz-landing-system : lando
parent 6a327e3d
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ fuzzy-if(Android,0-51,0-22) skip-if(!Android) pref(apz.allow_zooming,true) == sc
skip-if(!Android) pref(apz.allow_zooming,true) == initial-scale-1.html initial-scale-1-ref.html
# Bug 1520320 is tracking the effort to make this test pass again.
skip-if(!asyncPan) fails-if(Android) == frame-reconstruction-scroll-clamping.html frame-reconstruction-scroll-clamping-ref.html
skip-if(!asyncPan) random-if(Android) == frame-reconstruction-scroll-clamping.html frame-reconstruction-scroll-clamping-ref.html
# Test that position:fixed and position:sticky elements are attached to the
# layout viewport.
......@@ -4423,12 +4423,22 @@ void ScrollFrameHelper::ScrollToRestoredPosition() {
// logical scroll position, but we scroll to the physical scroll position in
// all cases
// Continue restoring until both the layout and visual scroll positions
// reach the destination. (Note that the two can only be different for
// the root content document's root scroll frame, and when zoomed in).
// This is necessary to avoid situations where the two offsets get stuck
// at different values and nothing reconciles them (see bug 1519621 comment
// 8).
nsPoint logicalLayoutScrollPos = GetLogicalScrollPosition();
// if we didn't move, we still need to restore
if (GetLogicalVisualViewportOffset() == mLastPos) {
if (GetLogicalVisualViewportOffset() == mLastPos ||
logicalLayoutScrollPos == mLastPos) {
// if our desired position is different to the scroll position, scroll.
// remember that we could be incrementally loading so we may enter
// and scroll many times.
if (mRestorePos != mLastPos /* GetLogicalVisualViewportOffset() */) {
if (mRestorePos != mLastPos /* GetLogicalVisualViewportOffset() */ ||
mRestorePos != logicalLayoutScrollPos) {
LoadingState state = GetPageLoadingState();
if (state == LoadingState::Stopped && !NS_SUBTREE_DIRTY(mOuter)) {
[BODY element scroll-behavior should not propagate to viewport]
expected: FAIL
[Smooth scrolling while doing history navigation.]
if (os == "android"): FAIL
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