Commit 8896b493 authored by Mike Perry's avatar Mike Perry
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Add security enhancements suggested by Jesse Ruderman.

We were going to put these in the security slider, but perhaps they should be
set by default. There will be a perf impact, but let's see if anyone notices
and complains, at least for a beta or two. If not, maybe we can even set these
in a release.
parent 3c5ce4b9
......@@ -140,5 +140,13 @@ pref("keyword.URL", "");
pref("gfx.direct2d.disabled", true);
pref("layers.acceleration.disabled", true);
// Security enhancements
pref("javascript.options.ion.content", false);
pref("javascripjavascript.options.baselinejit.content", false);
pref("javascripjavascript.options.asmjs", false);
pref("javascripjavascript.options.typeinference", false);
// Version placeholder
pref("torbrowser.version", "UNKNOWN");
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