Commit 90044168 authored by Botond Ballo's avatar Botond Ballo
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Bug 1638594 - Log the viewport type in FindFrameTargetedByInputEvent(). r=tnikkel, a=jcristau

Differential Revision:
parent a0b8f8db
......@@ -431,10 +431,10 @@ nsIFrame* FindFrameTargetedByInputEvent(
aRootFrame, aPointRelativeToRootFrame, options);
"Found initial target %p for event class %s message %s point %s "
"relative to root frame %p\n",
"relative to root frame %s\n",
target, ToChar(aEvent->mClass), ToChar(aEvent->mMessage),
const EventRadiusPrefs* prefs = GetPrefsFor(aEvent->mClass);
if (!prefs || !prefs->mEnabled || EventRetargetSuppression::IsActive()) {
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