Commit bea0c1a5 authored by Mozilla Releng Treescript's avatar Mozilla Releng Treescript
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No bug - Tagging 69ca1d06f46ad976113938e6dfccfeb7315ee7a6 with...

No bug - Tagging 69ca1d06f46ad976113938e6dfccfeb7315ee7a6 with FIREFOX_77_0_BUILD1 a=release CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
parent 95063812
......@@ -2405,3 +2405,4 @@ b56c5586464ad74e5c980e38fba121705ffcc65c DEVEDITION_77_0b9_RELEASE
b56c5586464ad74e5c980e38fba121705ffcc65c FIREFOX_77_0b9_RELEASE
63896e87d70e6d0323efba7d51f1ee2d7df21b69 FIREFOX_RELEASE_77_BASE
109871b2551e8e28dfa311bced65057542c91388 FIREFOX_RELEASE_76_END
69ca1d06f46ad976113938e6dfccfeb7315ee7a6 FIREFOX_77_0_BUILD1
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