Commit db756200 authored by Jonathan Watt's avatar Jonathan Watt
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Bug 474401 - Firefox on Mac does not register itself as being capable of opening SVG files. r=josh.

extra : rebase_source : 07f6b793c74e961a8afef3a5db0f87d028727e8e
parent 5b752721
...@@ -26,6 +26,28 @@ ...@@ -26,6 +26,28 @@
<key>CFBundleTypeRole</key> <key>CFBundleTypeRole</key>
<string>Viewer</string> <string>Viewer</string>
</dict> </dict>
<string>SVG document</string>
<dict> <dict>
<key>CFBundleTypeExtensions</key> <key>CFBundleTypeExtensions</key>
<array> <array>
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