Commit e483ecaa authored by Mike Hommey's avatar Mike Hommey
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Bug 1424709 - Force disable the OSX system "nano allocator". r=spohl

We're not actually using it, and it messes up with the zone allocator in
mozjemalloc after fork(). See the lengthy analysis in and following.

extra : rebase_source : c58e13b897dde7b32d83c43fbb2a04a0db3a5dc9
parent 1c25c7a3
......@@ -225,6 +225,11 @@
......@@ -420,6 +420,12 @@ register_zone(void)
// a scalable_zone.
malloc_zone_t* purgeable_zone = malloc_default_purgeable_zone();
// There is a problem related to the above with the system nano zone, which
// is hard to work around from here, and that is instead worked around by
// disabling the nano zone through an environment variable
// (MallocNanoZone=0). In Firefox, we do that through
// browser/app/macbuild/Contents/
// Register the custom zone. At this point it won't be the default.
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