1. 15 Jan, 2021 13 commits
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug 13252: Do not store data in the app bundle · 42819820
      Kathleen Brade authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      When --enable-tor-browser-data-outside-app-dir is enabled,
      all user data is stored in a directory named
      TorBrowser-Data which is located next to the application directory.
      Display an informative error message if the TorBrowser-Data
      directory cannot be created due to an "access denied" or a
      "read only volume" error.
      On Mac OS, add support for the --invisible command line option which
      is used by the meek-http-helper to avoid showing an icon for the
      helper browser on the dock.
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug 14631: Improve profile access error messages. · 2d241330
      Kathleen Brade authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Instead of always reporting that the profile is locked, display specific
      messages for "access denied" and "read-only file system".
      To allow for localization, get profile-related error strings from Torbutton.
      Use app display name ("Tor Browser") in profile-related error alerts.
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug 9173: Change the default Firefox profile directory to be TBB-relative. · b896c2e6
      Kathleen Brade authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      This should eliminate our need to rely on a wrapper script that
      sets /Users/arthur and launches Firefox with -profile.
    • Mike Perry's avatar
      Bug 13028: Prevent potential proxy bypass cases. · c01d320f
      Mike Perry authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      It looks like these cases should only be invoked in the NSS command line
      tools, and not the browser, but I decided to patch them anyway because there
      literally is a maze of network function pointers being passed around, and it's
      very hard to tell if some random code might not pass in the proper proxied
      versions of the networking code here by accident.
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug 16439: Remove screencasting code · fee70b7a
      Kathleen Brade authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      We avoid including the screencasting code on mobile (it got ripped out
      for desktop in bug 1393582) by simply excluding the related JS modules
      from Tor Browser.
    • Mike Perry's avatar
      Bug 12974: Disable NTLM and Negotiate HTTP Auth · 1f58660c
      Mike Perry authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      This is technically an embargoed Mozilla bug, so I probably shouldn't provide
      too many details.
      Suffice to say that NTLM and Negotiate auth are bad for Tor users, and I doubt
      very many (or any of them) actually need it.
      The Mozilla bug is https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1046421
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Add TorStrings module for localization · d6a7d075
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 10760: Integrate TorButton to TorBrowser core · 972c9b60
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Because of the non-restartless nature of Torbutton, it required
      a two-stage installation process. On mobile, it was a problem,
      because it was not loading when the user opened the browser for
      the first time.
      Moving it to tor-browser and making it a system extension allows it
      to load when the user opens the browser for first time.
      Additionally, this patch also fixes Bug 27611.
      Bug 26321: New Circuit and New Identity menu items
      Bug 14392: Make about:tor behave like other initial pages.
      Bug 25013: Add torbutton as a tor-browser submodule
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 40069: Add helpers for message passing with extensions · afca99f9
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
    • Kathleen Brade's avatar
      Bug 28044: Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser · d86fcabf
      Kathleen Brade authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Build and package Tor Launcher as part of the browser (similar to
      how pdfjs is handled).
      If a Tor Launcher extension is present in the user's profile, it is
    • Arthur Edelstein's avatar
      Bug 12620: TorBrowser regression tests · 733f2b6b
      Arthur Edelstein authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Regression tests for Bug #2950: Make Permissions Manager memory-only
      Regression tests for TB4: Tor Browser's Firefox preference overrides.
      Note: many more functional tests could be made here
      Regression tests for #2874: Block Components.interfaces from content
      Bug 18923: Add a script to run all Tor Browser specific tests
      Regression tests for Bug #16441: Suppress "Reset Tor Browser" prompt.
    • Mike Perry's avatar
      TB4: Tor Browser's Firefox preference overrides. · e5cdd04d
      Mike Perry authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      This hack directly includes our preference changes in omni.ja.
      Bug 18292: Staged updates fail on Windows
      Temporarily disable staged updates on Windows.
      Bug 18297: Use separate Noto JP,KR,SC,TC fonts
      Bug 23404: Add Noto Sans Buginese to the macOS whitelist
      Bug 23745: Set dom.indexedDB.enabled = true
      Bug 13575: Disable randomised Firefox HTTP cache decay user tests.
      (Fernando Fernandez Mancera <ffmancera@riseup.net>)
      Bug 17252: Enable session identifiers with FPI
      Session tickets and session identifiers were isolated
      by OriginAttributes, so we can re-enable them by
      allowing the default value (true) of
      The pref "security.enable_tls_session_tickets" is obsolete
      (removed in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/917049)
      Bug 14952: Enable http/2 and AltSvc
      In Firefox, SPDY/HTTP2 now uses Origin Attributes for
      isolation of connections, push streams, origin frames, etc.
      That means we get first-party isolation provided
      "privacy.firstparty.isolate" is true. So in this patch, we
      stop overriding "network.http.spdy.enabled" and
      Alternate Services also use Origin Attributes for isolation.
      So we stop overriding
      "network.http.altsvc.enabled" and "network.http.altsvc.oe"
      as well.
      (All 4 of the abovementioned "network.http.*" prefs adopt
      Firefox 60ESR's default value of true.)
      However, we want to disable HTTP/2 push for now, so we
      set "network.http.spdy.allow-push" to false.
      "network.http.spdy.enabled.http2draft" was removed in Bug 1132357.
      "network.http.sped.enabled.v2" was removed in Bug 912550.
      "network.http.sped.enabled.v3" was removed in Bug 1097944.
      "network.http.sped.enabled.v3-1" was removed in Bug 1248197.
      Bug 26114: addons.mozilla.org is not special
      * Don't expose navigator.mozAddonManager on any site
      * Don't block NoScript from modifying addons.mozilla.org or other sites
      Enable ReaderView mode again (#27281).
      Bug 29916: Make sure enterprise policies are disabled
      Bug 2874: Block Components.interfaces from content
      Bug 26146: Spoof HTTP User-Agent header for desktop platforms
      In Tor Browser 8.0, the OS was revealed in both the HTTP User-Agent
      header and to JavaScript code via navigator.userAgent. To avoid
      leaking the OS inside each HTTP request (which many web servers
      log), always use the Windows 7 OS value in the desktop User-Agent
      header. We continue to allow access to the actual OS via JavaScript,
      since doing so improves compatibility with web applications such
      as GitHub and Google Docs.
      Bug 12885: Windows Jump Lists fail for Tor Browser
      Jumplist entries are stored in a binary file in:
      and has a name in the form
      The hex at the front is unique per app, and is ultimately derived from
      something called the 'App User Model ID' (AUMID) via some unknown
      hashing method. The AUMID is provided as a key when programmatically
      creating, updating, and deleting a jumplist. The default behaviour in
      firefox is for the installer to define an AUMID for an app, and save it
      in the registry so that the jumplist data can be removed by the
      However, the Tor Browser does not set this (or any other) regkey during
      installation, so this codepath fails and the app's AUMID is left
      undefined. As a result the app's AUMID ends up being defined by
      windows, but unknowable by Tor Browser. This unknown AUMID is used to
      create and modify the jumplist, but the delete API requires that we
      provide the app's AUMID explicitly. Since we don't know what the AUMID
      is (since the expected regkey where it is normally stored does not
      exist) jumplist deletion will fail and we will leave behind a mostly
      empty customDestinations-ms file. The name of the file is derived from
      the binary path, so an enterprising person could reverse engineer how
      that hex name is calculated, and generate the name for Tor Browser's
      default Desktop installation path to determine whether a person had
      used Tor Browser in the past.
      The 'taskbar.grouping.useprofile' option that is enabled by this patch
      works around this AUMID problem by having firefox.exe create it's own
      AUMID based on the profile path (rather than looking for a regkey). This
      way, if a user goes in and enables and disables jumplist entries, the
      backing store is properly deleted.
      Unfortunately, all windows users currently have this file lurking in
      the above mentioned directory and this patch will not remove it since it
      was created with an unknown AUMID. However, another patch could be
      written which goes to that directory and deletes any item containing the
      'Tor Browser' string.  See bug 28996.
      Bug 31396: Disable indexedDB WebExtension storage backend.
      Bug 30845: Make sure default themes and other internal extensions are enabled
      Bug 28896: Enable extensions in private browsing by default
      Bug 31065: Explicitly allow proxying localhost
      Bug 31598: Enable letterboxing
      Disable Presentation API everywhere
      Bug 21549 - Use Firefox's WASM default pref. It is disabled at safer
      security levels.
      Bug 32321: Disable Mozilla's MitM pings
      Bug 19890: Disable installation of system addons
      By setting the URL to "" we make sure that already installed system
      addons get deleted as well.
      Bug 22548: Firefox downgrades VP9 videos to VP8.
      On systems where H.264 is not available or no HWA, VP9 is preferred. But in Tor
      Browser 7.0 all youtube videos are degraded to VP8.
      This behaviour can be turned off by setting media.benchmark.vp9.threshold to 0.
      All clients will get better experience and lower traffic, beause TBB doesn't
      use "Use hardware acceleration when available".
      Bug 25741 - TBA: Add mobile-override of 000-tor-browser prefs
      Bug 16441: Suppress "Reset Tor Browser" prompt.
      Bug 29120: Use the in-memory media cache and increase its maximum size.
      Bug 33697: use old search config based on list.json
      Bug 33855: Ensure that site-specific browser mode is disabled.
      Bug 30682: Disable Intermediate CA Preloading.
      Bug 40061: Omit the Windows default browser agent from the build
      Bug 40140: Videos stop working with Tor Browser 10.0 on Windows
    • Mike Perry's avatar
      TB3: Tor Browser's official .mozconfigs. · 6bf5abac
      Mike Perry authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Bug #9829.1: new .mozconfig file for the new cross-compiler and ESR24
      Changes needed to build Mac in 64bit
      Bug 10715: Enable Webgl for mingw-w64 again.
      Disable ICU when cross-compiling; clean-up.
      Bug 15773: Enable ICU on OS X
      Bug 15990: Don't build the sandbox with mingw-w64
      Bug 12761: Switch to ESR 38 for OS X
      Updating .mozconfig-asan
      Bug 12516: Compile hardenend Tor Browser with -fwrapv
      Bug 18331: Switch to Mozilla's toolchain for building Tor Browser for OS X
      Bug 17858: Cannot create incremental MARs for hardened builds.
      Define HOST_CFLAGS, etc. to avoid compiling programs such as mbsdiff
      (which is part of mar-tools and is not distributed to end-users) with
      Bug 13419: Add back ICU for Windows
      Bug 21239: Use GTK2 for ESR52 Linux builds
      Bug 23025: Add hardening flags for macOS
      Bug 24478: Enable debug assertions and tests in our ASan builds
      Bug 27597: ASan build option in tor-browser-build is broken
      Bug 27623 - Export MOZILLA_OFFICIAL during desktop builds
      This fixes a problem where some preferences had the wrong default value.
      Also see bug 27472 where we made a similar fix for Android.
      Bug 30463: Explicitly disable MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING
      Bug 31450: Set proper BINDGEN_CFLAGS for ASan builds
      Add an --enable-tor-browser-data-outside-app-dir configure option
      Add --with-tor-browser-version configure option
      Bug 21849: Don't allow SSL key logging.
      Bug 31457: disable per-installation profiles
      The dedicated profiles (per-installation) feature does not interact
      well with our bundled profiles on Linux and Windows, and it also causes
      multiple profiles to be created on macOS under TorBrowser-Data.
      Bug 31935: Disable profile downgrade protection.
      Since Tor Browser does not support more than one profile, disable
      the prompt and associated code that offers to create one when a
      version downgrade situation is detected.
      Bug 32493: Disable MOZ_SERVICES_HEALTHREPORT
      Bug 25741 - TBA: Disable features at compile-time
      MOZ_NATIVE_DEVICES for casting and the media player
      MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING for telemetry
      MOZ_DATA_REPORTING for all data reporting preferences (crashreport, telemetry, geo)
      Bug 25741 - TBA: Add default configure options in dedicated file
      Bug 29859: Disable HLS support for now
      Add --disable-tor-launcher build option
      Add --enable-tor-browser-update build option
      Bug 33734: Set MOZ_NORMANDY to False
      Bug 33851: Omit Parental Controls.
      Bug 40061: Omit the Windows default browser agent from the build
      Bug 40211: Lower required build-tools version to 29.0.2
      Bug 40252: Add --enable-rust-simd to our tor-browser mozconfig files
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    • Emilio Cobos Álvarez's avatar
      Bug 1683188 - CrossProcessPaint code shouldn't mess with tab state from the... · ad6fdeea
      Emilio Cobos Álvarez authored
      Bug 1683188 - CrossProcessPaint code shouldn't mess with tab state from the content process. r=mattwoodrow,NeilDeakin, a=jcristau
      There's JS running since we save the active status till we restore it,
      so arbitrary things can happen, including receiving an IPC message from
      the child saying that we're now really active.
      If then we restore the wrong (old) status, stuff gets confused and
      sadness ensues.
      Screenshotting background tabs seems to work without this so it's not
      clear to me why messing with the activeness state was necessary to begin
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D101060
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    • Mozilla Releng Treescript's avatar
      no bug - Bumping Firefox l10n changesets r=release a=l10n-bump · 0ade33fc
      Mozilla Releng Treescript authored
      be -> 521635b81a2cd635a7a85f36b3a6bc1f0dd71c52
      cs -> 7e0e6972d12ed8269f5c58c3b55b837d8afe7f95
      cy -> ad2e7075de5e328d37929cc7839f7de2e6688795
      da -> f806376c1b216267be7bf6b135107344d1fae569
      dsb -> bb27af18ad8854d242e3ba5ffba65bf12816a232
      es-AR -> 22c1e1d73dece24e1531725c49456f812ae6f69b
      es-MX -> 1a2efd67768e431812c8ac8fb48e66ee68b8b7d4
      fr -> 6ba53866725bdb1176a0134042156cad2b378536
      fy-NL -> c255ae1b9162df300452e16a725866fffcdfd520
      hsb -> 8b140e3f3f1412ae58f3edfc76223decc1d16fa9
      ia -> 4ba4eaf6c5e6c18138b18913ab44b04b375f14ec
      it -> 84d529c6c8c619d78317d9aa581052df09517181
      ja -> a25fdc68cc8702100ac27fb0b57bac58b8c0be1b
      ja-JP-mac -> b2d59bfd23451e471cbc02a9cc4c199daf8ced2f
      nl -> 30e3855f4fe035e50fb7a3596ee48c17ee533bb3
      oc -> e302413af0acc45a2c32a32445dcf6738999fb29
      tr -> 915e9c207473c6c2f4353eae809dcf89ae29ca27
      zh-TW -> de2fee3a071ece9bd9cb15db1673682b6ca8ff86
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      Bug 1681610: Use thicker borders when faking rounded rectangles. r=gw, a=jcristau · c801a944
      Jim Blandy authored
      `DisplayListBuilder::PushRoundedRect`, used for unordered list bullets and the
      like, draws rounded rectangles as ordinary rectangles with rounded borders that
      have a radius of half the rectangle. Unfortunately, this leads to tiny white
      dots at the center of the bullet under some magnifications. I haven't diagnosed
      why - perhaps there's something somewhere that snaps borders outward.
      Increasing the thickness of the borders to (an impossible) 60% of the width of
      the rectangle makes the problem go away. If this kludge doesn't work, we could
      add a rectangle covering the center.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D100753
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