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    • Doug Thayer's avatar
      Bug 1433593 - Clean up usages of LoginHelper.maybeImportLogin r=MattN · b9fbe56e
      Doug Thayer authored
      In bug 1426721 we added a bulk interface for importing logins, which
      works in a background thread. This patch cleans up the single-login
      interface and updates the remaining usages to consume the bulk
      MozReview-Commit-ID: IziLXkO5dxQ
      extra : rebase_source : 5e9be186b1f112afb5bd46c1a979b3403ce3b59d
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    • Mike Conley's avatar
      Bug 1434376 - Switch over all uses of BrowserUtils.promiseLayoutFlushed to... · 2b1d67d2
      Mike Conley authored
      Bug 1434376 - Switch over all uses of BrowserUtils.promiseLayoutFlushed to window.promiseDocumentFlushed. r=Paolo
      window.promiseDocumentFlushed will call a callback as soon as a style or layout
      flush is not required for the document (which might be immediately). This is a
      new ChromeOnly API introduced in an earlier patch in this series.
      This patch also removes the now-unneeded BrowserUtils.promiseLayoutFlushed and
      BrowserUtils.promiseReflowed methods and infrastructure.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: Jv7KoxBXhHG
      extra : rebase_source : cae6a58d3992b2e587b1fff90954f36c2f81e2ee
    • Mike Conley's avatar
      Bug 1434376 - Add basic tests for window.promiseDocumentFlushed. r=Paolo · 46e89021
      Mike Conley authored
      MozReview-Commit-ID: KmyqaupJRtw
      extra : rebase_source : ca6a30281e1587124ad55e5a3ccbc0d004ef5cb1
    • Mike Conley's avatar
      Bug 1434376 - Introduce ChromeOnly window.promiseDocumentFlushed to detect... · 767455c3
      Mike Conley authored
      Bug 1434376 - Introduce ChromeOnly window.promiseDocumentFlushed to detect when refresh driver ticks have completed. r=bz
      This is particularly useful for knowing when it's safe to query for style and
      layout information for a window without causing a synchronous style or layout
      Note that promiseDocumentFlushed was chosen over promiseDidRefresh or promiseRefreshed
      to avoid potential confusion with the actual network-level refresh of browsers or
      MozReview-Commit-ID: Am3G9yvSgdN
      extra : rebase_source : 5e502d5d077dd764ca1a43e7c3f06855858fe735
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    • Markus Stange's avatar
      Bug 1170312 - Don't let the desktop background influence the vibrancy effect's... · e4fe8092
      Markus Stange authored
      Bug 1170312 - Don't let the desktop background influence the vibrancy effect's backdrop for context menus. r=spohl
      MozReview-Commit-ID: FKLVouZg8ac
      extra : rebase_source : 6b338186c4a3c6adf02d4311d8b172d0fb31f646
    • Cosmin Sabou's avatar
      Backed out changeset a2147499c437 (bug 1434706) for frequent mochitest browser... · bfd2fc78
      Cosmin Sabou authored
      Backed out changeset a2147499c437 (bug 1434706) for frequent mochitest browser chrome failures on browser_contextmenu_sendpage.js
    • Josh Matthews's avatar
      servo: Merge #20112 - Include non-upstream metadata changes in WPT sync (from... · 7f698159
      Josh Matthews authored
      servo: Merge #20112 - Include non-upstream metadata changes in WPT sync (from servo:jdm-patch-11); r=asajeffrey
      The original sync work excluded changes to metadata files under tests/wpt/mozilla under the assumption that any change in test results indicated an existing intermittent issue. This is incorrect, because these tests rely on shared infrastructure with upstream, so the results can be influenced by syncing.
      Source-Repo: https://github.com/servo/servo
      Source-Revision: 8329a45163a2c5afc517a7a1f86888213bb90532
      extra : subtree_source : https%3A//hg.mozilla.org/projects/converted-servo-linear
      extra : subtree_revision : 690913948f2be0cd3d03c958cb63931e71b0864e
    • Emilio Cobos Álvarez's avatar
      Bug 1440258: Flag doc level anonymous content instead of guessing. r=bholley · b26f7c36
      Emilio Cobos Álvarez authored
      Poking at the frame tree has problems: If we poke in negative (using
      eSkipNativeAnonymousContent), as we were doing, we mess up the case where we're
      actually _not_ doc-level, and _not_ ::before or ::after. This can't happen for
      content documents, but can happen for chrome (since nsDocElementBoxFrame
      implements nsIAnonymousContentCreator).
      If we poke in positive, as we used to, you get that right, but mess up the
      root scrollbar case.
      Instead, use a node property to mark doc level anon content. This is a case rare
      enough that it seems worth to not steal a node bit.
      To recap the failure:
       * The initial value of -moz-control-character-visiblity is different on beta
         and nightly.
       * XUL has a global rule setting -moz-control-character-visibility on the root,
         to a value so that it's the initial one on nightly, but the non-initial one
         on beta.
       * Changes to this property cause a reframe.
       * Reframes of a nsIAnonymousContentCreator anon content reframe the container.
       * We were failing to inherit correctly for the nsIAnonymousContentCreator
         content for the root XUL element on the initial styling, inheriting from the
         default computed values instead, since we failed to reach the root element's
         primary frame from GetFlattenedTreeParentForDocumentElementNAC ->
         AppendDocumentLevelNativeAnonymousContentTo, since the primary frame is set
         _after_ processing children.
         This seems somewhat risky to change, and inconsistent with any other stuff
         the frame constructor does, see bug 973390.
       * Given that, the next restyle of the root element, in this case caused due to
         the customizable UI, we _found_ the actual correct parent, recomputed the
         style, saw that -moz-control-character-visiblity had changed, and reframed.
         But we were reframing the whole window, not just the NAC, because of the
         fourth bullet point. Reframing the whole window caused us to lose the popup
         state (that's bug 1440506).
         Worse than that is the fact that given we reframe and reconstruct the
         anonymous countent again, we go back to the initial bogus state, just
         awaiting for the next restyle to reframe the whole window.
      I wish there was a bullet-proof way to test it that isn't just counting reframes
      and relying on which properties reframe or not, but due to the nature of
      nsIAnonymousContentCreator's NAC, it's not possible in any easy way I can think
      MozReview-Commit-ID: IPYB5trsN8R
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    • Matt Howell's avatar
      Bug 1325121 - Add some installer documentation to the tree. r=agashlin · 022b3fe4
      Matt Howell authored
      This is not exhaustive technical documentation for every aspect of the installer
      code, but it's better than what we had, and it does contain the ping
      documentation that this bug was originally asking for.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 5h7UwnAk4Iq
      extra : rebase_source : a3a8a8bdee9e76ee039c342a07a121170872708c
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    • Nick Alexander's avatar
      Bug 1440430: Disable --without-gradle configure option. r=chmanchester · a6bf0623
      Nick Alexander authored
      We don't remove the configure option entirely for two reasons:
      1) --with-gradle is still used in automation to specify a particular
      Gradle binary, which is functionality we want to keep;
      2) developers might have --with-gradle specified, and we can save them
      having to remove it explicitly.  There's a downside to this, however:
      stale configure options can hang around indefintely.  We can evolve
      the configure option in the future.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: D4sSclJ12j8
      extra : rebase_source : 3e5ebbf98347b5f2abfb67d2c50004aadc8bd145
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