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    • Kris Maglione's avatar
      Bug 1586911: Silence SHEntry assertion after local->remote->local iframe navigation. r=peterv · b45bfec7
      Kris Maglione authored
      When we have a parser-created iframe which starts out in-process, transitions
      to remote, and then transitions back to in-process, we create separate
      DocShells for the first and last in-process loads. Since both are
      network-created, and have the same child index, they both try to add
      themselves as children to their parent's SHistory at the same index. And since
      the entry for the first DocShell already exists at that index when we try to
      add the second, that triggers an assertion.
      This isn't really ideal, but it is expected given the current state of session
      history under Fission. It should hopefully be solved more gracefully when the
      Fission-aware session history rewrite is done, but in the mean time, I think
      we should just ignore the conflict, since it's expected.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D48437
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
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    • Anny Gakhokidze's avatar
      Bug 1541515 - Consolidate IPC calls to nsISHEntry inside of... · 68641708
      Anny Gakhokidze authored
      Bug 1541515 - Consolidate IPC calls to nsISHEntry inside of nsDocShell::GetChildSHEntry, r=peterv, r=nika for adding sync IPC messages
      Currently, nsDocShell::GetChildSHEntry calls 3 sync IPC calls on nsISHEntry,
      and the method GetChildSHEntry only has one caller. By moving GetChildSHEntry
      method to parent process for nsISHEntry, resulting in a new method
      nsISHEntry::GetChildSHEntry, 3 sync IPC calls can be reduced to 1.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D27633
      extra : rebase_source : 1e76a1b07d827b35bae7ed6acca25aa8732c9ed0
      extra : source : 34d91f82faa36dd8d8ed721de365122d831f7b25
      extra : histedit_source : 86592bc747d506c546ec660e57087e78b9719cf7
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    • Anny Gakhokidze's avatar
      Bug 1539482 - Reduce the number of IPC calls on nsISHEntry in... · ac22fc9f
      Anny Gakhokidze authored
      Bug 1539482 - Reduce the number of IPC calls on nsISHEntry in nsDocShell::LoadHistoryEntry, r=peterv, r=nika for adding sync IPC messages
      In nsDocShell::LoadHistoryEntry method, when it gets called
      from parent process, there are 13 sync IPC calls on nsISHEntry
      that retrieve  information from the session history entry and
      create a  doc shell load state object using the retrieved
      information.  By adding a new method 'CreateLoadInfo'on nsISHEntry,
      inside of which the doc shell load state object will be
      created (with appropriate data filled out) and returned,
      we eliminate 12 sync IPC call, resulting in just 1 IPC call
      to nsISHEntry::CreateLoadInfo.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D26042
      extra : rebase_source : a4e1fa52932fd5caabb59bd133e9fbee7f4d0e4a
      extra : amend_source : f4d9f01afac0337808ba347eb997ce83e6ae1488
      extra : source : 6ad53b35c7b4be933a3db1e1d45fa3da8a57abad
      extra : histedit_source : c08d0cebcc11a3a4f64d01566cb62d9a334a12ec
  8. 26 Mar, 2019 2 commits
    • Anny Gakhokidze's avatar
      Bug 1539238 - Modify nsSHEntry::Create to consolidate setter calls on... · e5cb284f
      Anny Gakhokidze authored
      Bug 1539238 - Modify nsSHEntry::Create to consolidate setter calls on nsSHEntry in nsDocShell::AddToSessionHistory, r=peterv
      nsDocShell is the only consumer of nsISHEntry::Create, and
      in AddToSessionHistory method, after calling nsISHEntry::Create,
      it calls 8 setter methods on nsISHEntry, which results in a
      total of 9 sync IPC calls.
      With the proposed solution of setting everything via
      nsISHEntry::Create, we get a total of 1 sync IPC call.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D24979
      extra : rebase_source : af9c75043260a6333d789d3ca882173703f7bc29
      extra : amend_source : 334281153e24f9e9f0abac3983d32fb99dae6995
      extra : source : a8eed7c5d12c49366ad8acd706fa0e8464ed8549
      extra : histedit_source : 653daabf83d43571803a1e33c95a4804e4275e7d
    • Anny Gakhokidze's avatar
      Bug 1536471 - Consolidate calls to nsISHEntry::GetChildAt in... · b0a8f8d7
      Anny Gakhokidze authored
      Bug 1536471 - Consolidate calls to nsISHEntry::GetChildAt in nsDocShell::AddToSessionHistory by adding nsSHEntry::ClearEntry method, r=peterv, r=nika for adding sync IPC messages
      Currently, nsDocShell repeatedly calls nsISHEntry::GetChildAt and
      nsISHEntry::RemoveChild  in nsDocShell::AddToSessionHistory,
      which results in twice as many IPC calls as the number of children
      a session history entry has. Additionally, there is one extra
      IPC sync call to nsISHEntry::AbandonBFCacheEntry after the loop.
      With the proposed solution, there will only be 1 sync IPC call.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D24978
      extra : rebase_source : ab98af417bcb28fdfcb1a115473b505fa8a70aa1
      extra : source : 0270d6b952ffa1704690c777c55fcaed30125b38
      extra : histedit_source : 9a031cb921ad8efa1bd96f7342e08337f3c0ca8a
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    • arthur.iakab's avatar
      Backed out 16 changesets (bug 1478124) for failing android geckoview-junit CLOSED TREE · c1fae839
      arthur.iakab authored
      Backed out changeset fce62c77a56b (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset eb2fa3b5edf7 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset 8dacce59fcc0 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset 012fd0107204 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset 496aaf774697 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset 21f4fda03159 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset b0444e0bc801 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset d94039b19943 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset 5d85deac61c2 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset 929fd654c9df (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset 1ddd80d9e91a (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset b8d2dfdfc324 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset f500020a273a (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset dd00365ebb55 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset 538e40c5ee13 (bug 1478124)
      Backed out changeset bedaa9c437ad (bug 1478124)
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    • Jan Henning's avatar
      Bug 1498812 - Part 9: Switch session store/session history to use visual... · 70dd2125
      Jan Henning authored
      Bug 1498812 - Part 9: Switch session store/session history to use visual viewport for scroll position tracking. r=mikedeboer,snorp
      For simplicity's sake, for now we keep storing only one scroll position per
      history entry (bug 1499210), so if we have to choose between the layout and the
      visual viewport, the latter is a vastly better choice, as it more accurately
      represents the scroll position as perceived by the user, especially when the
      page has been pinch-zoomed.
      This also means that instead of the normal scroll events, the session store now
      has to listen for the corresponding events specific to the visual viewport.
      We also extend the scroll position test to check that the scroll position isn't
      just properly saved, but also actually properly restored in practice as well.
      We only add this test now instead of already adding it beforehand like we did
      with the rest of the test
      - to avoid having to temporarily extend the checkScroll() helper function to
        deal with todo()/todo_is etc.
      - because getting that part of the test to complete without timing out (which
        would be one of its natural failure modes, because the expected events would
        be missing) would require faking even more scroll events
      - because we already have the todo() tests that are telling us the we didn't
        *store* any scroll position in the first place, so there's no point in trying
        to actually restore anything
      For the GeckoView saveAndRestoreState test, we now spin the event loop once
      before setting the scroll position in order to give APZ opportunity to settle
      down after the initial page load.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D15690
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
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    • Nicholas Nethercote's avatar
      Bug 1490858 - Reorder nsISHEntry. r=nika · 73e2b20c
      Nicholas Nethercote authored
      nsISHEntry's attributes and methods are thoroughly mixed. This patch separates
      them, making it easier to understand.
      extra : rebase_source : 8a7822b5289fbb67e74dfa3cb42aa31206ee0e16
    • Nicholas Nethercote's avatar
      Bug 1490858 - Simplify some nsISHEntry attributes. r=nika · eb5daf71
      Nicholas Nethercote authored
      Both nsISHEntry.URI and nsISHEntry isSubFrame are readonly, but also have a
      setter. This is silly, so this patch removes the setter and makes them
      The patch also renames nsISHEntry.setAsHistoryLoad() as setLoadTypeAsHistory(),
      which makes it clearer that it modifies the loadType attribute.
      extra : rebase_source : 7772e2c1d90d4fd9f462f20c777d6eacc65801c5
    • Nicholas Nethercote's avatar
      Bug 1490858 - Streamline nsISHEntry a little more. r=nika · f659c0df
      Nicholas Nethercote authored
      By marking some C++-only nsISHistory methods as [noscript] or [noscript,
      extra : rebase_source : 1216e755a227fd13f01057afd71ea082a2a79ad7
  17. 07 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Nicholas Nethercote's avatar
      Bug 1490858 - Make most nsISHEntry attributes infallible. r=nika · f9b2172b
      Nicholas Nethercote authored
      The patch also removes some NS_ENSURE_ARG_POINTER checks from these attributes'
      getters. Most of these getters already lack such checks, and as long as the
      infallible getters are used a non-null pointer is guaranteed. In the worst case
      we'll safely null-crash anyway.
      extra : rebase_source : 87d4f7fccfa7ffb605c514cf8c2abd270a13b24a
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    • Kyle Machulis's avatar
      Bug 1472087 - Remove nsDocShellLoadInfo::LoadTypes; r=nika · 5e51176f
      Kyle Machulis authored
      We have 2 different LoadType enums with two different values, which
      have to be converted between depending on whether we're going to/from
      LoadInfo/nsISHEntry/etc. We should be able to just use the same enum
      everywhere and not have to deal with conversion, especially since we
      don't have any type safety around the enum.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 2t9vVGLpOte
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    • Bob Owen's avatar
      Bug 1351358 Part 1: Add flag to nsISHEntry to indicate if it was originally... · 73b521bf
      Bob Owen authored
      Bug 1351358 Part 1: Add flag to nsISHEntry to indicate if it was originally loaded in this process. r=bz
      This flag is for when we've loaded a URI in a remote type that is not the default
      for compatibility reasons (for example related http in the file content process).
      So that we can load the history entry in that same process as well.
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    • Jan Henning's avatar
      Bug 1265818 - Part 2 - Add scriptable methods for getting and setting PresStates from JS. r=jst · 0e575681
      Jan Henning authored
      This will allow the session store to store and restore scroll positions (and pinch zoom on Android) for past session history entries as well, whereas today only the scroll position of the current page is saved.
      As a LayoutHistoryState saves its PresStates in a hash table that doesn't allow direct access to its contents if you don't already know the entry's key, we provide a function to iterate over all stored PresStates and retrieve their keys, which can then be used to get access to each individual PresState in turn. Since nsPresState is little more than a fancy struct and we don't want to have to turn it into a full-blown XPCOM-compatible interface, we just pass the scroll/zoom-related values we're interested in as in/out parameters from/to JS via the LayoutHistoryState.
      We also require a helper method for initialising an SHEntry's LayoutHistoryState, since normally this doesn't happen until the PresShell wants to capture the history state in it. We on the other hand require a LayoutHistoryState to be present immediately after creation of a fresh SHEntry object, so we can feed it the session store data during history restoration.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: FfZf8KDsVWl
      extra : rebase_source : 0b3f729bff3ac24680d6fe8a0fb796979886170b
  27. 27 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Samael Wang's avatar
      Bug 1347823 - Part 2: Move HistoryTracker to nsSHistory and bind its event... · ada8242d
      Samael Wang authored
      Bug 1347823 - Part 2: Move HistoryTracker to nsSHistory and bind its event target to the TabGroup. r=smaug
      Convert the singleton HistoryTracker implementation to a per-nsSHistory based
      implementation so that it can be bound to a TabGroup.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 7cMtArsO5lQ
      extra : rebase_source : 3711bc7f7afaa40772035e24270d4fde1d17924a
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    • Eric Rahm's avatar
      Bug 1308611 - Convert nsISHEntry.refreshURIList to nsIMutableArray. r=bz · f52b26bf
      Eric Rahm authored
      |refreshURIList| is converted to a an nsIMutableArray as nsISupportsArray is
      deprecated. This attribute is only used internally and does not show up in a
      textual search of the plugins repo.
      nsIMutableArray is used rather than nsIArray in order to support modifying the
      array as current users expect.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: F0GYVFZarOQ
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