1. 17 Mar, 2021 4 commits
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 27511: Add new identity button to toolbar · 7034e1a3
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Also added 'New circuit for this site' button to CustomizableUI, but
      not visible by default.
    • Richard Pospesel's avatar
      Bug 25658: Replace security slider with security level UI · a3808d6f
      Richard Pospesel authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      This patch adds a new 'securitylevel' component to Tor Browser intended
      to replace the torbutton 'Security Slider'.
      This component adds a new Security Level toolbar button which visually
      indicates the current global security level via icon (as defined by the
      extensions.torbutton.security_slider pref), a drop-down hanger with a
      short description of the current security level, and a new section in
      the about:preferences#privacy page where users can change their current
      security level. In addition, the hanger and the preferences page will
      show a visual warning when the user has modified prefs associated with
      the security level and provide a one-click 'Restore Defaults' button to
      get the user back on recommended settings.
      Strings used by this patch are pulled from the torbutton extension, but
      en-US defaults are provided if there is an error loading from the
      extension. With this patch applied, the usual work-flow of "./mach build
      && ./mach run" work as expected, even if the torbutton extension is
    • Mike Perry's avatar
      Bug 2176: Rebrand Firefox to TorBrowser · e0d679da
      Mike Perry authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      See also Bugs #5194, #7187, #8115, #8219.
      This patch does some basic renaming of Firefox to TorBrowser. The rest of the
      branding is done by images and icons.
      Also fix bug 27905.
      Bug 25702: Update Tor Browser icon to follow design guidelines
      - Updated all of the branding in /browser/branding/official with new 'stable'
      icon series.
      - Updated /extensions/onboarding/content/img/tor-watermark.png with new icon and
      add the source svg in the same directory
      - Copied /browser/branding/official over /browser/branding/nightly and the new
      /browser/branding/alpha directories. Replaced content with 'nightly' and
      'alpha' icon series.
      Updated VisualElements_70.png and VisualElements_150.png with updated icons in
      each branding directory (fixes #22654)
      - Updated firefox.VisualElementsManfiest.xml with updated colors in each
      branding directory
      - Updated content/identity-icons-brand.svg with Tor Browser icon (fixes #28111)
      - Added firefox.svg to each branding directory from which all the other icons
      are derived (apart from document.icns and document.ico)
      - Added default256.png and default512.png icons
      - Updated aboutTBUpdate.css to point to branding-aware icon128.png and removed
      original icon
      - Use the Tor Browser icon within devtools/client/themes/images/.
      Bug 30631: Blurry Tor Browser icon on macOS app switcher
      It would seem the png2icns tool does not generate correct icns files and
      so on macOS the larger icons were missing resulting in blurry icons in
      the OS chrome. Regenerated the padded icons in a macOS VM using
      Bug 28196: preparations for using torbutton tor-browser-brand.ftl
      A small change to Fluent FileSource class is required so that we
      can register a new source without its supported locales being
      counted as available locales for the browser.
      Bug 31803: Replaced about:debugging logo with flat version
    • Alex Catarineu's avatar
      Bug 10760: Integrate TorButton to TorBrowser core · f48395b0
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Because of the non-restartless nature of Torbutton, it required
      a two-stage installation process. On mobile, it was a problem,
      because it was not loading when the user opened the browser for
      the first time.
      Moving it to tor-browser and making it a system extension allows it
      to load when the user opens the browser for first time.
      Additionally, this patch also fixes Bug 27611.
      Bug 26321: New Circuit and New Identity menu items
      Bug 14392: Make about:tor behave like other initial pages.
      Bug 25013: Add torbutton as a tor-browser submodule
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