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      Bug 1439410 - 5. Add test for GeckoSessionTestRule; r=snorp · 3bf8f7cd
      Jim Chen authored
      Add a test for functionalities of GeckoSessionTestRule.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 9k9Fh1una20
      extra : rebase_source : f2558c452febf9f333ec4fed1955a0285ca9b246
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      Bug 1439410 - 4. Add JUnit4 rule for testing GeckoSession; r=snorp · e59ef3e4
      Jim Chen authored
      Add a rule for setting up a GeckoSession for a JUnit4 test and letting
      the test wait for listener invocations and to verify listener behavior.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 20ij409yY1Z
      extra : rebase_source : 50f8a01aad41938910710421b97d5dcc97594a06
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      Bug 1439410 - 3b. Add GeckoSession.getScrollListener(); r=jchen · 44858401
      Jim Chen authored
      Add GeckoSession.getScrollListener() so GeckoSessionTestRule can use it.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: DLDlz5wz3cP
      extra : rebase_source : c196810da282f4ede6cb753081ef4d38af862909
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      Bug 1439410 - 3a. Make GeckoSessionSettings.Key<> public; r=snorp · 9c6f644d
      Jim Chen authored
      GeckoSession consumers may want to refer to individual keys through a
      GeckoSessionSettings.Key<> variable.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: HK5wcs0uugD
      extra : rebase_source : 23e2489eed328bf0a08358c58c633d527d8a85c2
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      Bug 1439410 - 2. Add copy constructor for GeckoSessionSettings; r=snorp · 8f827ce7
      Jim Chen authored
      Right now there's no good way for a GeckoSession consumer to make a copy
      of a GeckoSessionSettings object.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 199K5J51Y9x
      extra : rebase_source : 99c81c34ab2203e3517e07d286f865f5e93869c8
    • Jim Chen's avatar
      Bug 1439410 - 1. Enable Kotlin for geckoview tests; r=nalexander · 290fc083
      Jim Chen authored
      Kotlin has several nice features for writing tests, such as lambdas and
      default implementations for interface methods. This patch adds Kotlin
      support to the geckoview module build.gradle. We don't want to use
      Kotlin in non-test code yet, so the patch ensures that only test code
      contains Kotlin files.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: FcQiHj20xlB
      extra : rebase_source : e304d25d09291bc0a3faa29bf36f9d01eadc8524
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      servo: Merge #20089 - Revert previously merged code, better implementation for... · 063498d9
      paavininanda authored
      servo: Merge #20089 - Revert previously merged code, better implementation for Default selectionStart and selectionEnd (from paavininanda:RevertChanges); r=jdm
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      Source-Repo: https://github.com/servo/servo
      Source-Revision: 0fa324872330715140c86e5125640ef23e8b072b
      extra : subtree_source : https%3A//hg.mozilla.org/projects/converted-servo-linear
      extra : subtree_revision : 8c899d232d8559a68f2569c0f533bc2153b9708e
    • Hiroyuki Ikezoe's avatar
      Bug 1439803 - Add reftest-no-flush flag to... · c9ba9539
      Hiroyuki Ikezoe authored
      Bug 1439803 - Add reftest-no-flush flag to stacking-context-transform-none-animation-before-appending-element.html. r=birtles
      If reftest-no-flush is not specified, reftest harness flushes layout in a
      callback of setTimeout() that happens after paint process happened in the next
      refresh driver's tick.  Thus, the paint process triggered by the layout flush
      causes no invalidation changes, so reftest harness ends up waiting for the
      animation end until the animation finishes.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: GXvmyXh0kfV
      extra : rebase_source : 091a91122b7337ff05032bd64fa2597e59bed3a4
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      Bug 1437417 part 2: Don't block accessibility instantiation for newer... · 4eacecd1
      James Teh authored
      Bug 1437417 part 2: Don't block accessibility instantiation for newer RealPlayer builds with accessibility performance fixes. r=MarcoZ
      RealPlayer's use of accessibility was blocked in bug 1418535 due to severe performance problems caused by its use of accessibility.
      This is fixed in newer builds, so we want to allow those while still blocking older builds.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 5XlY4IM5qHf
      extra : rebase_source : b14251b697c5d2a08c613b4a402214f6bd4f475f
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      Bug 1437417 part 1: a11y: Fix some issues in IsModuleVersionLessThan and make it reusable. r=MarcoZ · 58fcef6d
      James Teh authored
      1. Move IsModuleVersionLessThan into the Compatibility class and export it in the header file.
      2. The function previously referred to the third component of the version as the minor version; i.e. it was testing major.bbbb.minor.dddd.
      This is incorrect and might confuse people using this in future code.
      The minor version is the second component; i.e. major.minor.cccc.dddd.
      cccc and dddd are often named build and revision, but the naming here is less consistent.
      3. Rather than accepting separate version components, the function now accepts a single 64 bit value.
      This makes comparison easier and also allows for comparison against magic values in other code; e.g. a value meaning "all versions".
      This value can be created from separate components using the MAKE_FILE_VERSION macro.
      4. Previously, it was assumed that a dll path could not be longer than MAX_PATH, but it can actually be longer.
      The function now handles this.
      5. The function previously didn't do any error checking, which could have led to null pointer dereferences and possibly other pain.
      This was fine when it was only being used for JAWS, which we know always has version info, but this could be problematic for other callers.
      We return true if there is a failure, assuming that no version info implies an earlier version.
      6. The code now uses smart pointers instead of raw pointers, making memory management simpler.
      7. Updated the JAWS version check accordingly.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 9Y6gUQSX0P5
      extra : rebase_source : 595408140d8611d38fef1211ef41c53e4b65e90c
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