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    • Makoto Kato's avatar
      Bug 1149300 - zoomToFocusedInput should make focused content visible. r=kats · e336b78c
      Makoto Kato authored
      ZoomToFocusedInput currently does not properly handle the
      case where the input element is inside a nested scrollable subframe,
      as it only asks APZ to pan/zoom the root content document, and
      the root content document might not be zoomable or scrollable to
      make the input element visible. To handle this case properly we need
      to ask the main thread to scroll the element into view first.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D20983
      extra : rebase_source : 21d2b66bb657b1165820d76fe86badb7838035da
      extra : histedit_source : 996b4eebf9855445c11135f5f7a3789209b720f8%2C183ffc9ae30c1df4813204dd1bedf5b9f5608518
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    • Kartikaya Gupta's avatar
      Bug 1465935 - Handle another edge case with hit-testing inside fixed-pos items. r=mstange · 829cd991
      Kartikaya Gupta authored
      Transforms are containing blocks for fixed-pos items, so if a fixed-pos
      item is inside a scrolled transform, then it should use that scrollframe
      as the scroll target for hit-testing. This patch handles this case for
      WebRender by stashing the appropriate ASR on the nsDisplayFixedPosition
      item and using it instead of the presShell's root scrollframe in this
      The patch also adds a mochitest (which is basically a mochitested
      version of the reftest in fixed-pos-scrolled-clip-3.html, with a
      hit-test check to ensure that it's hitting the right scrollframe).
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 7YQAeOiMMuP
      extra : rebase_source : 8d1c89d0c03c3e7d9383d0731f65a327a2c11a8d
    • Kartikaya Gupta's avatar
      Bug 1465935 - Fix hit-testing for fixed-pos items inside iframes. r=mstange · 9b664db1
      Kartikaya Gupta authored
      Without this patch, the scrollId for display items inside a fixed-pos
      item end as the ASR of the item. In the case of fixed-pos items that are
      inside iframes, the ASR is the outer document's root scrollframe. This
      means that e.g. wheel-scrolling while over a fixed-pos item inside an
      iframe ends up scrolling the outer document's root scrollframe instead
      of the iframe's root scrollframe.
      In the non-WR codepath, there some APZ machinery that walks up in the
      HitTestingTreeNode tree from the hit result, looking to see if that node
      has a fixed-pos ancestor, and if so, uses the fixed-pos item's target
      APZ as the real hit result. This machinery doesn't exist in WR, because
      we don't use the HitTestingTreeNode tree for hit-testing in APZ.
      Instead, we need to make sure that the item tag for those display items
      already has the appropriate scrollid set.
      This patch accomplishes this by introducing a new RAII class that is
      pushed into the wr::DisplayListBuilder while we are building display
      items inside a nsDisplayFixedPosition, and allows the desired scroll id to
      be set on the hit-testing display items.
      This behaviour is exercised by test_group_wheelevents, which can now be
      enabled with this fix.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: L2erPVzJeql
      extra : rebase_source : 1db630513cb1dc16d4e38649812e81f62c8da99c
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    • Kartikaya Gupta's avatar
      Bug 1421384 - Inherit touch-action flags down in the compositor hit-test infos. r=miko · 42941621
      Kartikaya Gupta authored
      Per the touch-action spec, the effective touch-action on an element includes
      touch-action restrictions from ancestor elements up to and including the
      element that has the "default action". This patch implements that behaviour
      so that WebRender gets correct touch-action values on its display items.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: Cw5uqAsE9qm
      extra : rebase_source : ef6e24a66385e097d50b3a03c06091464b1bb5b9
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    • Hiroyuki Ikezoe's avatar
      Bug 1464568 - Set the shadow base transform value for the case where opacity... · a39a4ba1
      Hiroyuki Ikezoe authored
      Bug 1464568 - Set the shadow base transform value for the case where opacity animations' calculation was skipped. r=kats
      And make DOMWindowUtils.getOMTCTransform work for opacity animations' layer.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 7P99WjYqPr0
      extra : rebase_source : cf87e8da40cf9febdb4188f4ef8ebe3b64eabe53
    • Hiroyuki Ikezoe's avatar
      Bug 1464568 - Set the shadow base transform for animation explicitly even if... · 602a0753
      Hiroyuki Ikezoe authored
      Bug 1464568 - Set the shadow base transform for animation explicitly even if the transform value hasn't changed. r=kats
      That's because the shadow base transform value might have been changed by APZC.
      The test case in this patch fail without this fix on non-WebRender and the test
      case is skipped on WebRender since the bug should never happen on WebRender
      because WebRender manages animation transform value and APZ transform value
      MozReview-Commit-ID: Itgh0QL1su6
      extra : rebase_source : c6f498947ce0be81bfd89f8190f4676f00aa6355
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    • Botond Ballo's avatar
      Bug 1449759 - Add an APZ mochitest for bug 1443518. r=kats · f733b4a0
      Botond Ballo authored
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 1t6wpYo9n3P
      rename : gfx/layers/apz/test/mochitest/helper_hittest_subframe_float.html => gfx/layers/apz/test/mochitest/helper_hittest_float_bug1434846.html
      extra : rebase_source : 11d9a120f1b1fdd841a7e7cb59b92975e08205df
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    • Emilio Cobos Álvarez's avatar
      Bug 1445478: Make pointerevents/test_bug1414336.html more reliable. r=kats · 222d41c9
      Emilio Cobos Álvarez authored
      There can be something shuffling the iframe between the mouse event is sent and
      the mouse event is received which makes us end up targeting the <body> instead
      of the test target.
      This can be reproduced with enough persistence either with and without the
      patches from bug 1439875, at least on a headless build with rr chaos mode.
      Move it to test_group_pointerevents in the apz tests to run it in a new window
      and make it a bit more reliable.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: BS6Es8iEmMY
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    • Botond Ballo's avatar
      Bug 1425603 - APZ mochitest for obeying overscroll-behavior when scrolling... · af24ea01
      Botond Ballo authored
      Bug 1425603 - APZ mochitest for obeying overscroll-behavior when scrolling over a checkerboarded area. r=kats
      MozReview-Commit-ID: JMWBVf2bKKP
      rename : gfx/layers/apz/test/mochitest/helper_scroll_overscroll_behavior.html => gfx/layers/apz/test/mochitest/helper_overscroll_behavior_bug1425573.html
      extra : rebase_source : be9f67885ef2fd13b6e3bc377903da7878d53ed1
  34. 02 Feb, 2018 1 commit
    • Kartikaya Gupta's avatar
      Bug 1435282 - Make SetTestSampleTime force a sync flush. r=sotaro · 42945c90
      Kartikaya Gupta authored
      SetTestSampleTime is called from tests via the advanceTimeAndRefresh API
      on DOMWindowUtils, and the expectation is that after it is done, the
      time has been advanced and a composite has happened. So we need to
      ensure that is the case with WebRender as well. This fixes the issue I
      was seeing with test_group_hittest.html and makes it pass.
      MozReview-Commit-ID: 86l9mTTwD2v
      extra : rebase_source : d2921fb0f9b09f4366fb516e4a6254a7f13f3e4e
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