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    • Brendan Dahl's avatar
      Bug 1510785 - Skip all XBL related tests when XBL is disabled. r=bzbarsky · 237d7627
      Brendan Dahl authored
      XBL will be disabled on android, so these tests must be skipped. Where possible
      tests are copied to create shadow DOM tests.
      Depends on D45615
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D45616
      rename : layout/inspector/tests/test_bug522601.xhtml => layout/inspector/tests/test_bug522601-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/inspector/tests/test_bug609549.xhtml => layout/inspector/tests/test_bug609549-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/bugs/334829-1a.xhtml => layout/reftests/bugs/334829-1a-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/bugs/334829-1b.xhtml => layout/reftests/bugs/334829-1b-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/bugs/386310-1b.html => layout/reftests/bugs/386310-1b-shadow.html
      rename : layout/reftests/bugs/386310-1c.html => layout/reftests/bugs/386310-1c-shadow.html
      rename : layout/reftests/bugs/386310-1d.html => layout/reftests/bugs/386310-1d-shadow.html
      rename : layout/reftests/bugs/482592-1a.xhtml => layout/reftests/bugs/482592-1a-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/bugs/482592-1b.xhtml => layout/reftests/bugs/482592-1b-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/css-selectors/sibling-combinators-on-anon-content-1.xhtml => layout/reftests/css-selectors/sibling-combinators-on-anon-content-1-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/css-selectors/sibling-combinators-on-anon-content-2.xhtml => layout/reftests/css-selectors/sibling-combinators-on-anon-content-2-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-appendmultiple.xhtml => layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-appendmultiple-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-appendsingle-1.xhtml => layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-appendsingle-1-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-appendsingle-2.xhtml => layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-appendsingle-2-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-insertmultiple.xhtml => layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-insertmultiple-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-insertsingle-1.xhtml => layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-insertsingle-1-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-insertsingle-2.xhtml => layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-insertsingle-2-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-ref2.xhtml => layout/reftests/dom/multipleinsertionpoints-ref2-shadow.xhtml
      rename : layout/reftests/ib-split/insert-into-split-inline-5.html => layout/reftests/ib-split/insert-into-split-inline-5-shadow.html
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
    • Brendan Dahl's avatar
      Bug 1510785 - Support disabling XBL related tests. r=gbrown · a51ca197
      Brendan Dahl authored
      Adds a way for mochitest, reftest, and crashtests to skip XBL related
      tests when XBL is disabled. Also, add an app constant so JS can
      check whether XBL is enabled.
      Depends on D45614
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D45615
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
    • Brendan Dahl's avatar
      Bug 1510785 - Add way to disable XBL in servo. r=emilio · ac5283b5
      Brendan Dahl authored
      Adds a feature "moz_xbl" that when disabled causes the XBL code in servo to
      be stubbed out.
      Depends on D45613
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D45614
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
    • Brendan Dahl's avatar
      Bug 1510785 - Only build XBL related code when MOZ_XBL is defined. r=bzbarsky · c68cd30e
      Brendan Dahl authored
      When XBL is disabled, no code in dom/xbl will be built. Also, adds ifdefs
      to remove any of the XBL related code elsewhere. There's definitely more
      that can be done here, but I think it's better to wait to do the rest of
      the cleanup when we actually remove the code.
      Depends on D45612
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D45613
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
    • Brendan Dahl's avatar
      Bug 1510785 - Add build option for disabling XBL. r=chmanchester · 8f5cb3d1
      Brendan Dahl authored
      Defaults XBL to disabled on android, but still enabled for desktop.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D45612
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
    • Alexander J. Vincent's avatar
      Bug 1508165, remove support for treecol[type=password]. r=MattN,webidl,smaug · eb2ce4c5
      Alexander J. Vincent authored
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D48573
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
  8. 09 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Perry Jiang's avatar
      Bug 1575185 - Subscribe content processes spawning Service Workers to permission updates r=asuth · 87c3eb5a
      Perry Jiang authored
      Previously, Service Workers could spawn in a process that isn't subscribed
      to permission updates, which could happen if that process hadn't loaded any
      same-origin documents. To address this, parent-process logic for spawning
      Service Workers would snapshot the permissions state to be sent to a content
      Unfortunately, this approach could lead to outdated, unsynchronized permissions.
      Note that nsIPermissionManager::SetPermissionsWithKey is only used to initialize
      permissions for a given key and is a no-op if already called with the same key
      in a given process. As a result, the following sequence of events could happen:
      Assume a content process CP that isn't subscribed to permission changes for an
      origin A:
      1) Parent process decides to spawn an origin A Service Worker in CP,
      snapshotting a value V for permission P.
      2) The Service Worker is spawned in CP, setting CP's permission manager's
      permission P to value V (for origin A).
      3) Parent process updates its permission P to a value A', which is not
      broadcasted to CP (because it's not subscribed).
      4) By now, the initial Service Worker has been terminated, and the parent
      process decides once again to spawn an origin A Service Worker in CP.
      5) The Service Worker is spawned in CP, but the call to SetPermissionsWithKey
      is a no-op, leaving CP1 with a mismatched value for permission P.
      An additional scenario is if the parent process updates a permission during a
      remote Service Worker's lifetime.
      This patch, which would subscribe CP1 to permission updates when the parent
      process knows a Service Worker would be spawned in CP1, prevents these problems.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D48620
      extra : moz-landing-system : lando
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