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    Bug 14272: Make Tor Launcher work with Unix Domain Socket option · 8871259c
    Kathleen Brade authored
    On non-Windows platforms, use a Unix domain socket by default for the
    Tor control port. New preferences:
      extensions.torlauncher.control_port_use_socket (Boolean)
      extensions.torlauncher.control_socket_path (path string)
    New environment variable: TOR_CONTROL_SOCKET
    When starting tor, always include a ControlPort argument so that
    users can use environment variables to switch between the two control
    port types.
    Add a public TorGetControlSocketFile() function that Torbutton will
    use to retrieve the socket file (an nsIFile) when a Unix domain
    socket is in use.
    Moved the getTorFile() function to our utilities module.
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