Commit 0082643c authored by Kathleen Brade's avatar Kathleen Brade Committed by Georg Koppen
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Bug 19646: Mac OS: wrong location for meek browser profile

Set an TOR_BROWSER_TOR_DATA_DIR environment variable before starting tor.
meek-client-torbrowser uses this on OSX to determine the location of the
meek browser profile.
parent 2014143e
......@@ -417,13 +417,18 @@ TorProcessService.prototype =
// Set an environment variable that points to the Tor data directory.
// This is used by meek-client-torbrowser to find the location for
// the meek browser profile.
let env = Cc[";1"]
env.set("TOR_BROWSER_TOR_DATA_DIR", dataDir.path);
// On Windows, prepend the Tor program directory to PATH. This is
// needed so that pluggable transports can find OpenSSL DLLs, etc.
// See
if (TorLauncherUtil.isWindows)
var env = Cc[";1"]
var path = exeFile.parent.path;
if (env.exists("PATH"))
path += ";" + env.get("PATH");
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