Commit 130d036a authored by Kathleen Brade's avatar Kathleen Brade
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Bug #10382: Tor Launcher hang on quit.

Avoid sending anything to the tor control port while the browser is quitting
Instead, rely on the TAKEOWNERSHIP feature to ensure that tor shuts down when
the browser does.
parent dad5e949
......@@ -101,16 +101,20 @@ TorProcessService.prototype =
this.mObsSvc.removeObserver(this, kBootstrapStatusTopic);
if (this.mTorProcess)
TorLauncherLogger.log(4, "Shutting down tor process (pid "
// We now rely on the TAKEOWNERSHIP feature to shut down tor when we
// close the control port connection.
// Previously, we sent a SIGNAL HALT command to the tor control port,
// but that caused hangs upon exit in the Firefox 24.x based browser.
// Apparently, Firefox does not like to process socket I/O while
// quitting if the browser did not finish starting up (e.g., when
// someone presses the Quit button on our Network Settings or progress
// window during startup).
TorLauncherLogger.log(4, "Disconnecting from tor process (pid "
+ + ")");
var reply = this.mProtocolSvc.TorSendCommand("SIGNAL", "HALT");
if (!this.mProtocolSvc.TorCommandSucceeded(reply))
this.mTorProcess = null;
else if (("process-failed" == aTopic) || ("process-finished" == aTopic))
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