Commit 1488b0eb authored by Pier Angelo Vendrame's avatar Pier Angelo Vendrame Committed by Richard Pospesel
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Bug 40773: Added new localized strings for about:torconnect

parent a1803fca
......@@ -86,11 +86,30 @@
<!ENTITY torPreferences.torLogsDialogTitle "Tor Logs">
<!-- #24746 about:torconnect strings -->
<!ENTITY torConnect.tryAgain "Try Connecting Again">
<!ENTITY torConnect.notConnectedConcise "Not Connected">
<!ENTITY torConnect.connectingConcise "Connecting…">
<!ENTITY torConnect.couldNotConnect "Tor Browser could not connect to Tor">
<!ENTITY torConnect.assistDescriptionConfigure "configure your connection">
<!ENTITY torConnect.assistDescription "If Tor is blocked in your location, trying a bridge may help. Connection assist can choose one for you using your location, or you can #1 manually instead.">
<!ENTITY torConnect.tryingBridge "Trying a bridge…">
<!ENTITY torConnect.tryingBridge "Trying one more time…">
<!ENTITY torConnect.addLocation "Add your location settings">
<!ENTITY torConnect.addLocationDescription "Tor Browser needs to know your location in order to choose the right bridge for you. If you’d rather not share your location, #1 manually instead.">
<!ENTITY torConnect.errorLocation "Tor Browser couldn’t locate you">
<!ENTITY torConnect.errorLocationDescription "Tor Browser still couldn’t connect to Tor. Please check your location settings are correct and try again.">
<!ENTITY torConnect.breadcrumbAssist "Connection assist">
<!ENTITY torConnect.breadcrumbLocation "Location settings">
<!ENTITY torConnect.breadcrumbTryBridge "Try a bridge">
<!ENTITY torConnect.restartTorBrowser "Restart Tor Browser">
<!ENTITY torConnect.configureConnection "Configure Connection…">
<!ENTITY torConnect.viewLog "View logs…">
<!ENTITY torConnect.tryAgain "Try connecting again">
<!ENTITY torConnect.offline "Offline">
<!ENTITY torConnect.connectMessage "Changes to Tor Settings will not take effect until you connect">
<!ENTITY torConnect.tryAgainMessage "Tor Browser has failed to establish a connection to the Tor Network">
<!ENTITY torConnect.connectingConcise "Connecting…">
<!ENTITY torConnect.connectedConcise "Connected">
<!ENTITY torConnect.notConnectedConcise "Not Connected">
<!ENTITY torConnect.copyLog "Copy Tor Logs">
<!ENTITY torConnect.yourLocation "Your Location">
<!ENTITY torConnect.tryBridge "Try a Bridge">
<!ENTITY torConnect.autoBootstrappingFailed "Automatic configuration failed">
<!ENTITY torConnect.autoBootstrappingFailed "None of the configurations we tried worked">
<!ENTITY torConnect.cannotDetermineCountry "Unable to determine user country">
<!ENTITY torConnect.noSettingsForCountry "No settings available for your location">
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