Commit 18f3549b authored by Pier Angelo Vendrame's avatar Pier Angelo Vendrame Committed by Richard Pospesel
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Bug 40774: Added new localized strings for about:preferences#connection

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......@@ -61,28 +61,76 @@
<!-- Progress -->
<!ENTITY torprogress.pleaseWait "Please wait while we establish a connection to the Tor network.&#160; This may take several minutes.">
<!-- #31286 about:preferences strings -->
<!-- #31286 about:preferences strings -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.categoryTitle "Connection">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.torSettings "Tor Settings">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.torSettingsDescription "Tor Browser routes your traffic over the Tor Network, run by thousands of volunteers around the world." >
<!ENTITY torPreferences.learnMore "Learn More">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.learnMore "Learn more">
<!-- Status -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.statusInternetLabel "Internet:">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.statusInternetTest "Test">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.statusInternetOnline "Online">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.statusInternetOffline "Offline">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.statusTorLabel "Tor Network:">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.statusTorConnected "Connected">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.statusTorNotConnected "Not Connected">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.statusTorBlocked "Potentially Blocked">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.learnMore "Learn more">
<!-- Quickstart -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.quickstart "Quickstart">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.quickstartDescription "Quickstart allows Tor Browser to connect automatically.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.quickstartDescriptionLong "Quickstart connects Tor Browser to the Tor Network automatically when launched, based on your last used connection settings.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.quickstartCheckbox "Always connect automatically">
<!-- Bridge settings -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridges "Bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgesDescription "Bridges help you access the Tor Network in places where Tor is blocked. Depending on where you are, one bridge may work better than another.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.useBridge "Use a bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestNewBridge "Request a New Bridge…">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.provideBridge "Provide a bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeLocation "Your location">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeLocationAutomatic "Automatic">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeChooseForMe "Choose a Bridge For Me…">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeBadgeCurrent "Your Current Bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeId "#1 bridge: #2">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.remove "Remove">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeDisableBuiltIn "Disable built-in bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeShare "Share your bridge by presenting the QR code or copying its bridge line.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeCopy "Copy Bridge Address">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.copied "Copied!">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeShowAll "Show all bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeRemoveAll "Remove all bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeAdd "Add a New Bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeSelectBrowserBuiltin "Choose from one of Tor Browser’s built-in bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeSelectBuiltin "Select a Built-In Bridge…">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeRequest "Request a Bridge…">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeEnterKnown "Enter a bridge address you already know">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeAddManually "Add a Bridge Manually…">
<!-- Advanced settings -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.advanced "Advanced">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.advancedDescription "Configure how Tor Browser connects to the internet.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.firewallPortsPlaceholder "Comma-separated values">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.advancedDescription "Configure how Tor Browser connects to the internet">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.advancedButton "Settings…">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewTorLogs "View the Tor logs">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewLogs "View Logs…">
<!-- Scan bridge QR dialog -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.scanQrTitle "Scan the QR code">
<!-- Builtin bridges dialog -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.builtinBridgeTitle "Built-In Bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.builtinBridgeDescription "Tor Browser includes some specific types of bridges known as “pluggable transports”.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.builtinBridgeObfs4 "obfs4">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.builtinBridgeObfs4Description "obfs4 is a type of built-in bridge that makes your Tor traffic look random. They are also less likely to be blocked than their predecessors, obfs3 bridges.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.builtinBridgeSnowflake "Snowflake">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.builtinBridgeSnowflakeDescription "Snowflake is a built-in bridge that defeats censorship by routing your connection through Snowflake proxies, ran by volunteers.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.builtinBridgeMeekAzure "meek-azure">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.builtinBridgeMeekAzureDescription "meek-azure is a built-in bridge that makes it look like you are using a Microsoft web site instead of using Tor.">
<!-- Request bridges dialog -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestBridgeDialogTitle "Request Bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestBridgeDialogWaitPrompt "Contacting BridgeDB. Please Wait.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestBridgeDialogSolvePrompt "Solve the CAPTCHA to request a bridge.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestBridgeErrorBadSolution "The solution is not correct. Please try again.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewTorLogs "View the Tor logs.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewLogs "View Logs…">
<!-- Provide bridge dialog -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.provideBridgeTitle "Provide Bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.provideBridgeHeader "Enter bridge information from a trusted source">
<!-- Connection settings dialog -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.connectionSettingsDialogTitle "Connection Settings">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.connectionSettingsDialogHeader "Configure how Tor Browser connects to the Internet">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.firewallPortsPlaceholder "Comma-seperated values">
<!-- Log dialog -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.torLogsDialogTitle "Tor Logs">
<!-- #24746 about:torconnect strings -->
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