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Bug 32112: Fix bad & escaping in translations

parent 85540a0a
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridges "Bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgesDescription "Bridges help you access the Tor Network in places where Tor is blocked. Depending on where you are, one bridge may work better than another.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.useBridge "Use a bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestNewBridge "Request a New Bridge&#x2026;">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestNewBridge "Request a New Bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.provideBridge "Provide a bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.advanced "Advanced">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.advancedDescription "Configure how Tor Browser connects to the internet.">
......@@ -79,5 +79,5 @@
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestBridgeDialogSolvePrompt "Solve the CAPTCHA to request a bridge.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.requestBridgeErrorBadSolution "The solution is not correct. Please try again.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewTorLogs "View the Tor logs.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewLogs "View Logs&#x2026;">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewLogs "View Logs">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.torLogsDialogTitle "Tor Logs">
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