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Added country code strings to network-settings.dtd and other

new about:torconnect strings

needed for tor-browser#40773
parent 04a04bcb
......@@ -94,3 +94,262 @@
<!ENTITY torConnect.connectedConcise "Connected">
<!ENTITY torConnect.notConnectedConcise "Not Connected">
<!ENTITY torConnect.copyLog "Copy Tor Logs">
<!ENTITY torConnect.configureConnection "Configure Connection…">
<!ENTITY torConnect.tryBridge "Try a Bridge">
<!-- #40773 about:torconnect country names -->
<!-- LOCALIZTION NOTE (countries.XX): The country names should be translated such that:
- some form of the 'official' name is preferred (we try to call countries what they call themselves)
- the name can be easily found within a sorted list (eg: in English we prefer 'Netherlands' over 'The Netherlands' as most English speakers would not skip down to the 'T' section of the list to find the Netherlands, similarly 'Venezuela' vs 'Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela'). The names in this list will displayed to the user in a sorted order using String.prototype.localeCompare(); see for details.
Thank you!
<!ENTITY "Andorra">
<!ENTITY "United Arab Emirates">
<!ENTITY "Afghanistan">
<!ENTITY "Antigua and Barbuda">
<!ENTITY "Anguilla">
<!ENTITY "Albania">
<!ENTITY "Armenia">
<!ENTITY "Angola">
<!ENTITY "Antarctica">
<!ENTITY "Argentina">
<!ENTITY "American Samoa">
<!ENTITY "Austria">
<!ENTITY "Australia">
<!ENTITY "Aruba">
<!ENTITY "Åland Islands">
<!ENTITY "Azerbaijan">
<!ENTITY "Bosnia and Herzegovina">
<!ENTITY "Barbados">
<!ENTITY "Bangladesh">
<!ENTITY "Belgium">
<!ENTITY "Burkina Faso">
<!ENTITY "Bulgaria">
<!ENTITY "Bahrain">
<!ENTITY "Burundi">
<!ENTITY "Benin">
<!ENTITY "Saint Barthélemy">
<!ENTITY "Bermuda">
<!ENTITY "Brunei Darussalam">
<!ENTITY "Bolivia (Plurinational State of)">
<!ENTITY "Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba">
<!ENTITY "Brazil">
<!ENTITY "Bahamas">
<!ENTITY "Bhutan">
<!ENTITY "Bouvet Island">
<!ENTITY "Botswana">
<!ENTITY "Belarus">
<!ENTITY "Belize">
<!ENTITY "Canada">
<!ENTITY "Cocos (Keeling) Islands">
<!ENTITY "Congo (Kinshasa)">
<!ENTITY "Central African Republic">
<!ENTITY "Congo (Brazzaville)">
<!ENTITY "Switzerland">
<!ENTITY "Côte d'Ivoire">
<!ENTITY "Cook Islands">
<!ENTITY "Chile">
<!ENTITY "Cameroon">
<!ENTITY "China">
<!ENTITY "Colombia">
<!ENTITY "Costa Rica">
<!ENTITY "Cuba">
<!ENTITY "Cabo Verde">
<!ENTITY "Curaçao">
<!ENTITY "Christmas Island">
<!ENTITY "Cyprus">
<!ENTITY "Czechia">
<!ENTITY "Germany">
<!ENTITY "Djibouti">
<!ENTITY "Denmark">
<!ENTITY "Dominica">
<!ENTITY "Dominican Republic">
<!ENTITY "Algeria">
<!ENTITY "Ecuador">
<!ENTITY "Estonia">
<!ENTITY "Egypt">
<!ENTITY "Western Sahara">
<!ENTITY "Eritrea">
<!ENTITY "Spain">
<!ENTITY "Ethiopia">
<!ENTITY "Finland">
<!ENTITY "Fiji">
<!ENTITY "Falkland Islands (Malvinas)">
<!ENTITY "Micronesia (Federated States of)">
<!ENTITY "Faroe Islands">
<!ENTITY "France">
<!ENTITY "Gabon">
<!ENTITY "United Kingdom">
<!ENTITY "Grenada">
<!ENTITY "Georgia">
<!ENTITY "French Guiana">
<!ENTITY "Guernsey">
<!ENTITY "Ghana">
<!ENTITY "Gibraltar">
<!ENTITY "Greenland">
<!ENTITY "Gambia">
<!ENTITY "Guinea">
<!ENTITY "Guadeloupe">
<!ENTITY "Equatorial Guinea">
<!ENTITY "Greece">
<!ENTITY "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands">
<!ENTITY "Guatemala">
<!ENTITY "Guam">
<!ENTITY "Guinea-Bissau">
<!ENTITY "Guyana">
<!ENTITY "Hong Kong">
<!ENTITY "Heard Island and McDonald Islands">
<!ENTITY "Honduras">
<!ENTITY "Croatia">
<!ENTITY "Haiti">
<!ENTITY "Hungary">
<!ENTITY "Indonesia">
<!ENTITY "Ireland">
<!ENTITY "Israel">
<!ENTITY "Isle of Man">
<!ENTITY "India">
<!ENTITY "British Indian Ocean Territory">
<!ENTITY "Iraq">
<!ENTITY "Iran (Islamic Republic of)">
<!ENTITY "Iceland">
<!ENTITY "Italy">
<!ENTITY "Jersey">
<!ENTITY "Jamaica">
<!ENTITY "Jordan">
<!ENTITY "Japan">
<!ENTITY "Kenya">
<!ENTITY "Kyrgyzstan">
<!ENTITY "Cambodia">
<!ENTITY "Kiribati">
<!ENTITY "Comoros">
<!ENTITY "Saint Kitts and Nevis">
<!ENTITY "Korea (Democratic People's Republic of)">
<!ENTITY "Korea (Republic of)">
<!ENTITY "Kuwait">
<!ENTITY "Cayman Islands">
<!ENTITY "Kazakhstan">
<!ENTITY "Lao People's Democratic Republic">
<!ENTITY "Lebanon">
<!ENTITY "Saint Lucia">
<!ENTITY "Liechtenstein">
<!ENTITY "Sri Lanka">
<!ENTITY "Liberia">
<!ENTITY "Lesotho">
<!ENTITY "Lithuania">
<!ENTITY "Luxembourg">
<!ENTITY "Latvia">
<!ENTITY "Libya">
<!ENTITY "Morocco">
<!ENTITY "Monaco">
<!ENTITY "Moldova (Republic of)">
<!ENTITY "Montenegro">
<!ENTITY "Saint Martin (French part)">
<!ENTITY "Madagascar">
<!ENTITY "Marshall Islands">
<!ENTITY "North Macedonia">
<!ENTITY "Mali">
<!ENTITY "Myanmar">
<!ENTITY "Mongolia">
<!ENTITY "Macao">
<!ENTITY "Northern Mariana Islands">
<!ENTITY "Martinique">
<!ENTITY "Mauritania">
<!ENTITY "Montserrat">
<!ENTITY "Malta">
<!ENTITY "Mauritius">
<!ENTITY "Maldives">
<!ENTITY "Malawi">
<!ENTITY "Mexico">
<!ENTITY "Malaysia">
<!ENTITY "Mozambique">
<!ENTITY "Namibia">
<!ENTITY "New Caledonia">
<!ENTITY "Niger">
<!ENTITY "Norfolk Island">
<!ENTITY "Nigeria">
<!ENTITY "Nicaragua">
<!ENTITY "Netherlands">
<!ENTITY "Norway">
<!ENTITY "Nepal">
<!ENTITY "Nauru">
<!ENTITY "Niue">
<!ENTITY "New Zealand">
<!ENTITY "Oman">
<!ENTITY "Panama">
<!ENTITY "Peru">
<!ENTITY "French Polynesia">
<!ENTITY "Papua New Guinea">
<!ENTITY "Philippines">
<!ENTITY "Pakistan">
<!ENTITY "Poland">
<!ENTITY "Saint Pierre and Miquelon">
<!ENTITY "Pitcairn">
<!ENTITY "Puerto Rico">
<!ENTITY "Palestine">
<!ENTITY "Portugal">
<!ENTITY "Palau">
<!ENTITY "Paraguay">
<!ENTITY "Qatar">
<!ENTITY "Réunion">
<!ENTITY "Romania">
<!ENTITY "Serbia">
<!ENTITY "Russian Federation">
<!ENTITY "Rwanda">
<!ENTITY "Saudi Arabia">
<!ENTITY "Solomon Islands">
<!ENTITY "Seychelles">
<!ENTITY "Sudan">
<!ENTITY "Sweden">
<!ENTITY "Singapore">
<!ENTITY "Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha">
<!ENTITY "Slovenia">
<!ENTITY "Svalbard and Jan Mayen">
<!ENTITY "Slovakia">
<!ENTITY "Sierra Leone">
<!ENTITY "San Marino">
<!ENTITY "Senegal">
<!ENTITY "Somalia">
<!ENTITY "Suriname">
<!ENTITY "South Sudan">
<!ENTITY "Sao Tome and Principe">
<!ENTITY "El Salvador">
<!ENTITY "Sint Maarten (Dutch part)">
<!ENTITY "Syrian Arab Republic">
<!ENTITY "Eswatini">
<!ENTITY "Turks and Caicos Islands">
<!ENTITY "Chad">
<!ENTITY "French Southern Territories">
<!ENTITY "Togo">
<!ENTITY "Thailand">
<!ENTITY "Tajikistan">
<!ENTITY "Tokelau">
<!ENTITY "Timor-Leste">
<!ENTITY "Turkmenistan">
<!ENTITY "Tunisia">
<!ENTITY "Tonga">
<!ENTITY "Turkey">
<!ENTITY "Trinidad and Tobago">
<!ENTITY "Tuvalu">
<!ENTITY "Taiwan">
<!ENTITY "Tanzania (United Republic of)">
<!ENTITY "Ukraine">
<!ENTITY "Uganda">
<!ENTITY "United States Minor Outlying Islands">
<!ENTITY "United States of America">
<!ENTITY "Uruguay">
<!ENTITY "Uzbekistan">
<!ENTITY "Vatican City">
<!ENTITY "Saint Vincent and the Grenadines">
<!ENTITY "Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)">
<!ENTITY "Virgin Islands (British)">
<!ENTITY "Virgin Islands (U.S.)">
<!ENTITY "Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)">
<!ENTITY "Vanuatu">
<!ENTITY "Wallis and Futuna">
<!ENTITY "Samoa">
<!ENTITY "Yemen">
<!ENTITY "Mayotte">
<!ENTITY "South Africa">
<!ENTITY "Zambia">
<!ENTITY "Zimbabwe">
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