Commit 5fe21ef4 authored by Richard Pospesel's avatar Richard Pospesel
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Bug 40896: [Connection Settings] Update strings for current bridges

parent abd6b898
......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeLocationAutomatic "Automatic">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeChooseForMe "Choose a Bridge For Me…">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeBadgeCurrent "Your Current Bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeBadgeCurrentDescription "You can keep one or more bridges saved, and Tor will choose which one to use when you connect. Tor will automatically switch to use another bridge when needed.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeId "#1 bridge: #2">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.remove "Remove">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeDisableBuiltIn "Disable built-in bridges">
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