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Commit 98f3df12 authored by Kathleen Brade's avatar Kathleen Brade

Bug 34164: Tor Launcher deadlocks during startup (Firefox 77)

Initialize the DNS service as early as possible to avoid a problem
where DNS service initialization is dispatched to the main thread
while that thread is blocked.
parent ee6c4337
......@@ -100,6 +100,22 @@ TorProcessService.prototype =
if ("profile-after-change" == aTopic)
// Initialize the DNS service here (as early as possible). This
// avoids a deadlock that can occur inside TorProtocolService's
// _openAuthenticatedConnection() function. What happens in the
// deadlock case is that a Necko socket thread tries to dispatch
// initialization of the DNS service to the main thread while the
// main thread is blocked in a writeBytes() call inside the
// _sendCommand() function. The ultimate solution is to change
// our control port socket to use asynchronous I/O.
// References:
// netwerk/dns/nsDNSService2.cpp nsDNSService::GetSingleton()
// (the
// fix for this bug introduced the deadlock because it changed
// DNS service initialization to occur on the main thread).
const dns = Cc[";1"]
this.mObsSvc.addObserver(this, "quit-application-granted", false);
this.mObsSvc.addObserver(this, kOpenNetworkSettingsTopic, false);
this.mObsSvc.addObserver(this, kUserQuitTopic, false);
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