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Commit ab7e47f4 authored by Kathleen Brade's avatar Kathleen Brade
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Bug 28044: Integrate Tor Launcher into tor-browser

To avoid potential conflicts with other preference files, rename
our default preferences file from pref.js to torlauncher-prefs.js.

Do not load default preferences if the browser has already done so.
parent 0ce8339e
// Copyright (c) 2018, The Tor Project, Inc.
// Copyright (c) 2019, The Tor Project, Inc.
// See LICENSE for licensing information.
// vim: set sw=2 sts=2 ts=8 et syntax=javascript:
......@@ -876,10 +876,30 @@ let TLUtilInternal = // Private
return this.mDefaultPreferencesLoaded;
// Check whether default preferences have already been loaded, e.g.,
// because Tor Launcher is integrated into the browser rather than
// running as an extension. This code assumes that a default value is
// defined for extensions.torlauncher.loglevel.
let prefName = "extensions.torlauncher.loglevel";
let val;
let defaultBranch = this._getPrefDefaultBranch(prefName);
val = defaultBranch.getIntPref("");
} catch (e) {}
if (val !== undefined)
this.mDefaultPreferencesLoaded = true;
return true;
// Use the JS subscript loaded in conjunction with our pref() function
// to load the default preferences.
const kPrefsURL =
var loader = Cc[";1"]
"resource://torlauncher/defaults/preferences/prefs.js", this);
loader.loadSubScript(kPrefsURL, this);
this.mDefaultPreferencesLoaded =
(this.mNumDefaultPrefsDefined == this.mNumDefaultPrefsLoaded);
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