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fixup! Bug 40774: Added new localized strings for about:preferences#connection

Second iteration of the changes on about:preferences#connection
parent 5fe21ef4
......@@ -85,17 +85,19 @@
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgesDescription "Bridges help you access the Tor Network in places where Tor is blocked. Depending on where you are, one bridge may work better than another.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeLocation "Your location">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeLocationAutomatic "Automatic">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeLocationFrequent "Frequently selected locations">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeLocationOther "Other locations">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeChooseForMe "Choose a Bridge For Me…">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeBadgeCurrent "Your Current Bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeBadgeCurrentDescription "You can keep one or more bridges saved, and Tor will choose which one to use when you connect. Tor will automatically switch to use another bridge when needed.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeId "#1 bridge: #2">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeId "#1 bridge: #2"> <!-- #1 = bridge type; #2 = bridge emoji id -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.remove "Remove">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeDisableBuiltIn "Disable built-in bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeShare "Share your bridge by presenting the QR code or copying its bridge line.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeShare "Share this bridge using the QR code or by copying its address:">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeCopy "Copy Bridge Address">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.copied "Copied!">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeShowAll "Show all bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeRemoveAll "Remove all bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeShowAll "Show All Bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeRemoveAll "Remove All Bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeAdd "Add a New Bridge">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeSelectBrowserBuiltin "Choose from one of Tor Browser’s built-in bridges">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.bridgeSelectBuiltin "Select a Built-In Bridge…">
......@@ -108,6 +110,10 @@
<!ENTITY torPreferences.advancedButton "Settings…">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewTorLogs "View the Tor logs">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.viewLogs "View Logs…">
<!-- Remove all bridges dialog -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.removeBridgesQuestion "Remove all the bridges?">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.removeBridgesWarning "This action cannot be undone.">
<!ENTITY torPreferences.cancel "Cancel">
<!-- Scan bridge QR dialog -->
<!ENTITY torPreferences.scanQrTitle "Scan the QR code">
<!-- Builtin bridges dialog -->
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