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Tor Launcher is packaged with Tor Browser, Tor Messenger, and
other Tor-enabled applications and is designed for those
applications. You should not install and try to use it in
Mozilla Firefox or another Firefox-based browser.
Tor Launcher is a browser extension that starts the tor process
(which connects the browser and other applications to the Tor
Network), and Tor Launcher helps people configure and use Tor. The
first window that you see when you start Tor Browser is displayed
by Tor Launcher.
Tor Launcher bugs and enhancement requests are tracked using the
Tor Project's Trac system. Open the following link to view a list
of open tickets:!closed&component=Applications%2FTor+Launcher&order=id
The main Tor Launcher Git repository may be cloned by using either
of these URLs:
A browsable view of the code is available via:
The main development branch is master, which is currently used for
the hardened Tor Browser releases. Maintenance branches are used
for other product releases; e.g., maint-0.2.10 is a branch that is
used for releases in the Tor Browser 6.5 series.
Official builds of Tor Launcher are done as part of a larger
application build process. For example, look here for information
about the Tor Browser build process:
If you want to build your own standalone copy of Tor Launcher in
order to test a translation or code change that you have made, run
the following command:
make package
The resulting xpi file is created in a subdirectory named pkg.
To contact the Tor Launcher developers, use the #tor-dev channel
on or post a message to the tbb-dev mailing list (see
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