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    Bug 15852: Remove/synchronize Torbutton SOCKS pref logic · 1b41636c
    Kathleen Brade authored
    Remove the remains of the Torbutton settings panel (which was hidden
    by the fix for bug 14630).
    Remove the status bar panel (the status bar was removed in Firefox 4).
    Remove the outdated "Disable Torbutton to change these settings"
    message from the Firefox proxy settings dialog.
    Change the behavior of the "Restore Defaults" button in the Privacy
    and Security Settings window to no longer reset the browser's proxy
    preferences. Our general philosophy is that if Torbutton does not
    provide a GUI for changing a preference, Torbutton should not modify
    the preference. The exceptions are that Torbutton still supports the
    TOR_SOCKS_PORT and TOR_TRANSPROXY environment variables.
    Remove a lot of toggle logic, including extensions.torbutton.tor_enabled
    and related preferences.
    Remove the dual cookie jar support since Tor can no longer be turned off.
    Rename torbutton_close_on_toggle() to torbutton_close_tabs_on_new_identity().
    Remove torbutton_check_socks_remote_dns() since SOCKS remote DNS is
    supported by all modern versions of Firefox.
    Remove torbutton_has_good_socks() since it was testing for Firefox 5
    or newer.
    Remove unused Firefox version check variables, unused functions, and
    commented out code.