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    Bug 18913: about:tor should not have chrome privileges · 32f9cf56
    Kathleen Brade authored
    Rearchitect our implementation so that about:tor pages are always
    loaded in a content process. This also fixes:
      Bug 22535: Searching brings me to duckduckgo but my query is discarded.
      Bug 21948: Going back to about:tor page gives "Address isn't valid" error.
    Most of the code that initializes and updates about:tor content has
    been moved to a content script. When necessary, IPC is used to pass
    data from the chrome process to the content script.
    Removed old, no-longer-used m_tb_orig_BrowserOnAboutPageLoad variable
    from torbutton.js.
    Also, update the about:tor newChannel() implementation to accept an
    nsILoadInfo parameter.