Commit 0387a6f7 authored by Arthur Edelstein's avatar Arthur Edelstein
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Bug 23526: 2017 Donation banner text ready for translation

parent 8e5e391c
......@@ -7,3 +7,14 @@ aboutTor.searchDDG.privacy=Search <a href="%1$S">securely</a> with <a href="%2$S
# The following string is a link which replaces %2$S above.
aboutTor.donationBanner.donate=Donate Now!
aboutTor.donationBanner.slogan=Tor: Powering Digital Resistance.
aboutTor.donationBanner.mozilla=Give today and Mozilla will match your gift!
aboutTor.donationBanner.tagline1=Protecting Journalists, Whistleblowers, & Activists Since 2006
aboutTor.donationBanner.tagline2=Networking Freedom Worldwide
aboutTor.donationBanner.tagline3=Freedom Online
aboutTor.donationBanner.tagline4=Fostering Free Expression Worldwide
aboutTor.donationBanner.tagline5=Protecting the Privacy of Millions Every Day
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