Commit 0a778de1 authored by Richard Pospesel's avatar Richard Pospesel
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Bug 40718: Application Menu items should be sentence case

parent 39c11ad6
<!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.new_identity "New Identity">
<!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.new_identity_sentence_case "New identity">
<!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.new_identity_key "I">
<!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.new_circuit "New Tor Circuit for this Site">
<!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.new_circuit_sentence_case "New tor circuit for this site">
<!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.new_circuit_key "C">
<!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.networksettings "Tor Network Settings…">
<!ENTITY torbutton.context_menu.networksettings.key "N">
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