Commit 2146d770 authored by Kathleen Brade's avatar Kathleen Brade Committed by Georg Koppen
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Bug 19689: Plugin prompt is parented to wrong window

When displaying the "Are you sure you want to enable plugins?" prompt,
always use the top-most browser window as the parent window. This avoids
problems caused by using the Privacy and Security Settings dialog, which
is closing, as the parent.
parent e264e602
......@@ -710,7 +710,10 @@ function torbutton_confirm_plugins() {
var askAgainText = torbutton_get_property_string("torbutton.popup.never_ask_again");
var askAgain = {value: false};
var no_plugins = (prompts.confirmEx(null, "", message, flags, null, null, null,
var wm = Cc[";1"]
var win = wm.getMostRecentWindow("navigator:browser");
var no_plugins = (prompts.confirmEx(win, "", message, flags, null, null, null,
askAgainText, askAgain) == 1);
m_tb_prefs.setBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.confirm_plugins", !askAgain.value);
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