Commit 2a174533 authored by peterstory's avatar peterstory
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Switch DDG search on homepage from POST to GET

See tor-browser#40287

Also, eliminate extra "b" parameter from the search form. The
presence of "b" would reveal that the search was initiated from
the landing page, rather than the urlbar.
parent 4a258f42
......@@ -70,12 +70,12 @@
<div class="searchbox hideIfTorOff"> <!-- begin form based search -->
<form action="&;" method="post">
<form action="&;" method="get">
<div class="searchwrapper">
<label class="searchlabel" for="search-text">&nbsp;</label>
<input name="q" id="search-text" placeholder="&;"
autocomplete="off" type="text"/>
<input name="b" id="search-button" value=""
<input id="search-button" value=""
alt="&;" type="submit"/>
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