Unverified Commit 2c03b2c3 authored by Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel
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fixup! Bug 40035: Localize Cryptocurrency Safety messages

parent a83f09e9
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ onionLocation.askEverytime=Ask every time
onionLocation.prioritizeOnionsDescription=Prioritize .onion sites when known.
onionLocation.onionServicesTitle=Onion Services
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S will be replaced with the crytocurrency address.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: %S will be replaced with the cryptocurrency address.
cryptoSafetyPrompt.cryptoWarning=A cryptocurrency address (%S) has been copied from an insecure website. It could have been modified.
cryptoSafetyPrompt.whatCanHeading=What can you do about it?
cryptoSafetyPrompt.whatCanBody=You can try reconnecting with a new circuit to establish a secure connection, or accept the risk and dismiss this warning.
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