Commit 39c6fc27 authored by Mike Perry's avatar Mike Perry
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Bug 5710: Remove all sessionstore data in TBB.

I think we got it this time.
parent 0ba4efc1
......@@ -95,6 +95,17 @@ TBSessionBlocker.prototype =
if (topic != "sessionstore-state-write") return;
this.logger.log(3, "Got Session Store observe: "+topic);
subject = subject.QueryInterface(Ci.nsISupportsString);
// Simply block sessionstore writes entirely in Tor Browser
try {
if (this.prefs.getCharPref("torbrowser.version")) {
this.logger.log(3, "Blocking SessionStore write in Tor Browser"); = null;
} catch(e) {
this.logger.log(2, "Parsing JSON: "+subject);
var state = this._safeJSONparse(subject);
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