Commit 5feba966 authored by Arthur Edelstein's avatar Arthur Edelstein Committed by Georg Koppen
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Bug 23949: Fix bug in donation banner that prevented display

parent b35a3e2f
......@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ const gStringBundle = Services.strings.createBundle(kPropertiesURL);
const shouldShowBanner = function (shortLocale) {
try {
// If our override test pref is true, then just show the banner regardless.
if (Services.prefs.getBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.testBanner", false)) {
if (Services.prefs.prefHasUserValue("extensions.torbutton.testBanner") &&
Services.prefs.getBoolPref("extensions.torbutton.testBanner") === true) {
return true;
// Don't show a banner if update is needed.
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